2009 Can Be Your Best Year ... Ever!

Although many of you Type A-Mach I-with-your-hair-on-fire folks may still be working like there's no tomorrow, the truth is we've been given the gift of the holidays to slow down, connect with our loved ones and remember what's most important. I hope you do take the time to enjoy the holidays as much as you possibly can. When you're ready to focus on the future, read the following:

My pre-2009 coaching homework for you comes in two parts: (1) Enjoy the holidays. Turn off the iPhone, shut off the email and just be. Stop doing so much and make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy some fruitcake. (2) The week of 12/29, block out an hour or two to get clear about what you want 2009 to be like, both personally and professionally. Use the following questions to help.

2008 Review.
List all of your major and minor accomplishments of 2008.
What did you not accomplish you wanted to or meant to?
What do you need to let go of or quit striving for?
What else do you want to remember about 2008 that would be helpful in creating the 2009 you truly desire?

2009 Plan. Go here to download your 100-day Plan.

2009 Execution.
What new strategy(ies) could you implement so you are at 125% of your goal at the end of the year?
What new system(s) could you put in place so you are at 125% of your goal at the end of the year?
What new skill(s) and/or ability(ies) could you develop so you are more efficient/effective?
Your 5 most important goals that must be met before the end of this year are:
Why must these goals be met?
What is/are the reward(s) for achieving these goals:
What must you be held accountable for between now and the end of the first quarter:

Tips for Success
Actualization. Spend time each day visualizing reaching your goals … in detail. See their attainment. Feel the feelings. Hear the sounds of achievement.
Anticipation. Live in a state of positive expectancy. Remember: your attitude determines your results! Remain calm and confident, knowing you will create your desired results.
Focus. Deal with uncontrollable factors (such as other people’s behavior, the economy, and adversity) through focus. Dig deep for strength, remember your goals.
Appreciation. Give yourself credit as you reach each mini-goal, be happy you had the opportunities that came your way and the support of your staff, colleagues and clients (and Coach) to reach your goals.

At the center of your being you have the answer;
You know who you are and you know what you want. --Lao-tzu

Here's to your best year yet! ~Honorée

Hidden Gem

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Ladies Who Power Lunch, a lunch I host occasionally for the powerful ladies in Las Vegas. This past Friday we discovered the hidden gem, Cafe Bleu at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.

Executive Chef Heinz Lauer served a spectacular menu, then gave us a post-lunch demonstration.

During our tour, we got to see some of the creative cakes, wax + chocolate (the eagle sculpture), and sugar creations the students make during their 15-month curriculum.

We got to see the students in action. They were cracking up at me taking their picture with my iPhone.

I personally loved the inspiration quotes along the hallways leading to the 10 (!) kitchens.

If you're in Las Vegas and looking for a tremendous lunch or dinner dining experience - for a fraction of Strip prices - take your friends, clients and/or families to the Cafe Bleu for lunch or dinner very soon.

A Challenge that Resonates with You?

I received the following email this morning, and felt it warranted an additional email for today:

"Hi Honoree-

A big congratulations to you! You are awesome. I know that I am not alone this year in having some really big challenges, and as I sit here reading this, I just thought of an idea that I would love to see you write an article for your E-Mail about.

Here's the deal. What does a person do when they have lost their motivation? When it seems like all the efforts of so many years have all been for naught? When simultaneously after working, planning and striving for decades their investments become worthless, they are mired in debt and find out their spouse was cheating on them, so end up in a terrible divorce. Then close friends begin to die and the energy to get up and get going in a day is a struggle in itself? When you just feel tired, alone and defeated and going through the motions?

Again, I say, it has not just been me having challenges this year. I have heard many of these same remarks from several people this year, and it seems all the rah rah speeches and "feel good" messages fall on tired ears. Especially later middle age ones. The energy to drive yourself is not the same as when you are younger. Starting over just doesn't have the same appeal as it does in your thirties. I would love to read your comments. You are always so inspirational.


I know Elizabeth is not alone - how she feels really mirrors how I was feeling in 2007. I have a couple of suggestions - in particular, the things I did myself to get and keep myself moving during the toughest of times.

First, I allowed myself to feel. Pretending everything is just peachy is exhausting and delays the healing process. Second, I connected to all of my blessings (health, daughter, clients, possibilities). Third, when I just couldn't get off the couch, I allowed myself to marinate in the BS for a limited amount of time (such as "two hours" or "the rest of the day"). Then I got into action - emotion is created by motion and I made myself walk on the treadmill and say affirmations ... make follow-up calls ... go to client lunches and out with the girls ... watch funny movies (or at least a little Seinfeld). I DID things, rather than sit and think about what was wrong. Also important: asking for help and creating a support system. You're not alone, even if you feel like you are. So reach out and create a strong support system - I know for a fact there are a lot of people who want to help you.

Coach's Note: the number of people who were upset I didn't reach out to them is so many I can't count them all. I didn't reach out until I was "all better" and I would have been better sooner if I had just asked for what I needed.

Finally, starting over is not all bad. You have a blank canvas on which you paint an entirely new life for yourself. You can choose whatever you want and go for that. Life is too short to be driving forward looking in the rearview mirror.

I believe the best is yet to come, even when right now life is feeling pretty lousy. Hang in there - the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT an oncoming train.

An Amazing Lesson in Networking

I love it when a situation is so unbelievable I can just whip out a quick post!

As we all know, a referral is the best way to get new business or make a sale, so you can imagine my excitement when I get an email that says, "Meet Honoree. You need her." Just such a thing happened a couple of weeks ago from someone I adore and respect, and the email led to a scheduled phone call to discuss the possibilities. What happened next was shocking, and I fear all too common.

I sent a confirmation email the day before, no response. Time for the call on Friday at 3 pm, I left a message (at both phone numbers). Monday afternoon, I receive an email saying, "I'm not interested, but attached is my CV (curriculum vitae ... a fancy term for resume) and an overview of my services. I'd love it if you'd refer people to me. Oh, and sorry for missing the call. I got busy."

Oh my goodness. Really???

Let's go back to the best way to get business: via referral. Referrals come from people you have relationships with. I clearly did not have a relationship with the person, and my experience of him was that he was rude and unreliable. (Anyone want to meet him? He's a financial adviser.)

No matter how much you want to ask for new business, never ask until you have a solid relationship with someone (or they offer to help). Even better, wait until they're so impressed with you they can't help themselves ... they are shouting your name from rooftops everywhere.

How to Complete a (Major) Project

Date: December 8, 2008

I'm basking in the glow of finishing my third book last night, The Successful Single Mom. This project, which I started in May {2008}, was something I didn't have time to do ... I made the time to do it. For those of you who missed it, I also got married in August {2008}. My point is, when something ranks high enough to you, you will give it attention and make it happen.

Here is my formula for "getting it all done," whether you're a single mom or a single male:
  1. Make a list of the top 3-5 most important projects you really want to complete in the next 6-12 months.
  2. Put in writing exactly why you must complete these projects, and give each project a deadline. The next step is a timeline for each project.
  3. Immediately stop doing the miscellaneous bullsh*t that wastes 30-40% of your day {such as Facebook, online shopping, water cooler chitchat, television, etc.}.
  4. Stay focused on the "how and why you CAN" complete each project. When something is a must and you argue for how you can get it done, you will in fact get it done. (There's a reason I repeated that idea.)
  5. Have a bottle of Dom Perignon available for scheduled and impromptu moments of celebration.
Ask yourself some quality questions:

What's my next most important project? 
Why must I complete it? 
What's my deadline? 

What gets calendared, gets done. After you think it, ink it ... and then get to doing it!

Let me know and I'll give you some special encouragement, and a few dashes of accountability.

The Successful Single Mom Book on Fox 5 Vegas

Tune in to the MORE! Show on Fox 5 Vegas this coming Monday, December 1st to see Honorée and Alisa McAffee, a participant in The Successful Single Mom Transformation Program, talk about the Program and the book.

Thanks in advance for viewing!

Marketing Madness

Its Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday of all time) in two days, so I'll be brief.

I got wind of a company today that slashed its marketing budget by 80%. Now that I've picked my jaw up off the floor, here's my recommendation to you: now is the time to spend more on marketing and do more networking than you have ever done before. In order to create business, clients and revenue, you must be more focused, more productive and more intentional than you have ever been before. If you don't have a plan, you don't have an abundance of cash, clients and connections, then spend 2-3 hours this very weekend getting yourself ready for 2009 by creating a clear vision and putting together a solid plan of action.

I've heard from more than one source that the formula for success is 98% inner preparation (creating a vision and plan) and 2% outer action (plan execution). Click here to download a complimentary copy of my 100 Day Plan. If you want help in making sure it gets done, I'm standing by ...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Productivity, 10 - Stress, 0

Have you ever noticed that the day before vacation is a day when your productivity is off the charts? Why aren't all of your work days that productive? I believe it comes down to three fundamental practices, that when observed daily, productivity will skyrocket. (Hint: productivity = $$). By skyrocket, I mean 300-500%.

You may also have noticed that the day before vacation, when you're getting everything done, you're stressed to maximum capacity. Most likely because you've procrastinated, but that's a discussion we'll have another time. *smile*

Fundamental Practice Action #1: Identify your highest revenue producing activities, then rank them in order of importance and urgency. Fundamental Practice Action #2: Schedule them on your calendar, preferably before you leave the office today for tomorrow. Fundamental Practice Action #3: Do them, while ignoring everything else* until your list is complete.

You won't feel the stress because you're prepared and intentional. You will feel intentional and quite proud of yourself as you make more progress in less time. You don't need to surf CNN.com, text your BFF for the "latest", or engage in water-cooler conversation. You just don't - not if you want to work less and make more money.

What about emergencies? Don't worry, if there's a true emergency*, you can run but you can't hide. You'll be found and filled in on what's happening and your part in the solution.

Go forth and produce!

*save blood or fire

PUT Yourself in a Great Mood

Are you in a great, fantastic, on-fire mood today? Maybe this is a better question: when was the last time you were in such a good mood people wondered what you were up to - and wanted to be around you?

If you're like most people, you leave your mood to chance. I'm going to challenge the notion that your mood is dependent upon external factors (its not), and give you a helpful insight: your mood, each and every day, is up to you. Better still, you can wake up happy and excited every day, regardless of what's happening around you.

Start here: decide to be in a great mood (almost) all the time. (We are all human, of course!) Then do this: watch, read and listen to shows, books and music (or radio shows, motivational programs and podcasts) that inspire you, challenge you to expand your thinking and fire you up!

I have a close friend who has literally lost everything, spent time in a homeless shelter with her son, has a ton of debt, now lives with her parents in their spare bedroom (with her son), yet she's so excited about life and the future I can't get enough of her! She's decided to be in a great mood, and she's on a diet from anything that makes her feel down, less than or just plain bad. Now if she can do it, so can you!

While you're popping a tootsie roll this fantastic Halloween Holiday, contemplate your mood and what you can do to give it an upgrade ... then do it! (Watch what happens, and trust me, its going to be amazing!)

Happy Halloween!

Creative Client Gifts for this Holiday Season

Santa Clause is coming to town!

We're almost to the holiday season ... and every year I sit back and watch people stress because they have "so much to do, so little time." (This can be quite entertaining, especially if your shopping is already complete.) Giving that perfect gift - the one that rocks the world of your client - can be a tough find, and can be quite time consuming. Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas that will keep you in their thoughts in the best possible way:
  • An illustrated children's book, autographed and signed by the author to your client's children (or grandchildren), or a copy of your favorite book, signed by the author. As an author, I happily "autograph" my books and every author I know is the same way.
  • Personalized stationary. In a perfect world we do business with our friends, and our friends send us personal notes on their personal stationary. No logos. No business cards. You can order high-quality notes at Crane's here in your client's favorite (or corporate) colors that they can use to raise the quality of their client relationships all year long.
  • Buy your client their name -- or their children's name or family name -- in the form of a personal domain ... www-dot-yourclientsname-dot-com from the nice folks (including my husband) over at AdWest Media. They can even build a simple website for you, too, as part of the gift. Buy the domain name for ten years, and direct them to my article on making sure when their name is Googled, their personal page comes up (and it can be directed to their corporate website).
  • Make a donation in their name to a charity like Kiva or Room to Read.
  • Red Envelope has a great selection of gifts in all price ranges - they come with a story and wrapped in a red box with a white satin bow. Here you can honor your clients affinity for a hobby (golf, tennis) or fine spirits or just finer things.
  • You can get flash drives with your client's logos and information. Reach out if you'd like the name of a gal who does a fantastic job, at a reasonable price, in about two weeks!
  • You could also host a luncheon and invite three or more people that are your client's ideal clients, give them a spa day (including massage, for stress relief), gift their family with a few days at Disneyland, or a couple's weekend in a great city like San Francisco.

The amount you invest in your gift should be commensurate to the amount of revenue your client brings to your business all year - and you'll also want to figure in the lifetime value of your client as well. Having said that, when you put real thought into your gifts, that thought is remembered long after the gift is gone, eaten or used up -- even if it is a $5 Starbucks gift card in a card home-made by your children. Remember to enjoy the process of giving or sending your clients gifts - and that you can't out-give, so whatever you give will come back to you multiplied.

Happy Shopping!

It's Go Time!

I am having a ball doing business development right now, and have been the last few weeks. Its also a common theme in my coaching practice - my clients are gleeful with anticipation of what's to come over the next few months. Why? Because our actions are based on a plan. Taking action creates positive emotion, and positive emotion combined with action creates terrific results.

Coach's Note: If you're experiencing fear about the future, even a little tiny bit of doubt, a compelling plan with detailed action steps that you are focused on and daily executing will eliminate that fear. When you're meeting with a potential client, you don't have time for fear. When you're making calls, working on a project, or actually providing your services, again - no time for fear. Get into action, the sooner the better.

Most people wait until they want momentum to start creating it. Here's something that might make sense to you, though - it takes awhile to get into momentum. If you want momentum after the first of the year, NOW is exactly the right time to create your guerrilla marketing plan. By the time you see today's date next year on your calendar, you'll be well on your way to creating even better results than in the beginning of this year. 

Bonus: Your phone will be ringing off the hook because of the marketing you're doing now. That will create the new challenge of managing your time - but I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

Coach's Questions: 

  • What are you doing now to ensure this year is going to be your best year on record? 
  • How would you feel if, this year, you doubled your income from any previous year you've ever been in business? 
  • Wouldn't that be fantastic, especially if you did it without the stress of past years?

There are systems and strategies available to eradicate the challenges the occur and recur in your business. You won't be shocked, and the skeptics will even laugh out loud (I know who you are), that my suggestion to you is get a coach, create a plan and work that plan.

Go for it! Your future is up to you, and I know it's going to be fabulous!

Will You Become the Next Millionaire?

Someone reminded me this morning that more millionaires are made during tough economic times than in more prosperous times. How much of what you think, say or do goes into your becoming a millionaire? No, this is not a trick question ... its literally 100% up to you. But, Honoree, you say, how? How can I stack the deck in my favor and get that particular fantastic result, when all I'm hearing is that soon I will be living in my car? There are three crucial mental steps that will precede your success:
  • Choice. Choose to be successful, as you define success. Your choices ultimately decide your results. If you choose to listen to and believe the news, the naysayers and doom predictors, then you should then continue to worry about your future because honestly it just won't be that great. Choice produces results - and my choice is to not participate in any recession or depression. What's your choice?
  • Intention. The formula for results is 100% intention, 0% mechanism. Once you intend something to happen, it will. Make the choice to intend what you want to have happen. The positive results will astound you! I am intending new clients, new business, new projects and new opportunities. What's your intention?
  • Commitment. What are you committed to? I've said it before: 99% commitment sucks, 100% commitment ROCKS. Commit to your plan, your goals, your choices 100% (or more). I am committed to MSH (making sh*t happen), executing my plan and reaching my goals. What's your commitment?
There are several more important predictors for your success: how you manage your time (be ruthlessly discriminating about how you "spend" it), who has your ear (listen to people who are predicting great things, and take a news vacation), and your support team (have a coach, mentor and several other folks who think you're just fabulous to call in moments you need a boost of energy, enthusiasm, accountability, tips and strategies).

Its up to you. You can do it. Go for it!

It's A New Season. Are You Bundled Up Yet?

Its gotten quite chilly - and I don't mean outside! Our economy has clearly transitioned into winter, and that means there's more fear and panic than we've seen in quite some time. I've got a few suggestions that will help you control your attitude and emotions during this challenging time:
  • Decide whatever happens won't beat you. You will survive. You will thrive. You will triumph. Period.
  • Get physical. Go for a run - or a walk - just get moving! Fear is in your body and when you rev up your adrenaline, you release your nervous energy and feel more in control.
  • Watch what you watch, read and listen to. Stay informed yes, but being inundated does you no good! No sense in having CNN on 24/7. Everyone talking hard times and lack only fuels any insecurities you may have. Instead, visit www.mindmovies.com or read something positive, like the classic The Power of Positive Thinking by the Rev. Norman Vincent Peale. Good stuff in equals good stuff out.
  • Look for and capitalize on opportunities. There is low hanging fruit that you might be missing. Is there someone you need to call? Email? Visit? Have you made your best client feel spectacular lately (today)? Will you look back on this time and shake your head at the amazing opportunities you missed? Get moving and you won't have time to worry.
  • To market, to market! Now is the time to market your products and services, define your USP and make sure everyone knows what sets you apart.
  • Create and execute a plan. Success is a numbers game, you have to play to win. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Put together a solid plan and then put one foot in front of the other executing that plan! For a complimentary copy of my 100-Day Action Plan, send me an email with 100-Day Plan in the subject line.
  • Give to others. Without question, the readers of this Blog are among the lucky. You may or may not be flush with cash - yet there are many others who face challenges much greater. Reach out and help ... you'll be glad you did.
It may get colder before we see Spring - and Spring will come before we know it. Dig deep and go for it!

Dogs & Children Have the Right Idea

"The early bird gets the worm." "He who hesitates is lost." You've heard these quotes and many others, I'm sure, in your quest for success. Did you take them to heart?

Sophie is a 2-year-old puppy that's been hanging out in our office the last couple of weeks. Every day we eat lunch at the conference room table, she sits patiently under the table, waiting with anticipation for what's going to be coming her way (either on purpose or by accident). Looking at her sweet face, she's all smiles and wagging her tale. She's r-e-a-d-y.

Lexi is my 8 1/2 year old daughter. She's cornered the market on "ask until ..." and getting what she wants by making sure what she wants comes her way in a timely manner. She's excellent at reminding me when I forget (or "forget"). "Mom, do you remember that you said I could eat those M&Ms after lunch?" "Yes, Lexi." "Well, its after lunch. Can I go ahead and eat them?"

Both Sophie and Lexi have a way of capitalizing on opportunities and getting results in a way that beats the pants off of most adults. Here's your reminder to capitalize on opportunities - be ready, be patient and ask until ...

Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The ideal business situation is one that allows us to do business with our friends: people we know, like and trust. That includes patronizing companies and businesses that know us when we walk in the door, greet us by name and give us extra-special treatment. When you're looking to do business over lunch or dinner, its imperative you have a few places you "own" ... where they know you, what you like, and go the extra mile to create the ideal environment for your critical conversations. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • The Stirling Club. Truly a gorgeous oasis of luxury - this private club offers amenities that are invaluable when courting clients. They know each member by name and offer fantastic service. They have private rooms that allow their members to hold events or just private conversations, as well as a spa and pool for casual entertaining. Kathleen Gustafson can get you started, whenever you're ready.
  • Spago at The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. GM Oded Talmor has become a good friend who always greets me with a hug, puts me at "my" table, sends over a little something extra and makes me feel like the most important guest of the day.
  • Verandah Room at The Four Seasons. If we must do business, why not do it at a place where we can be treated to yummy food, while sitting by the pool (we can at least pretend we live a life of leisure, yes?).
  • Louis's. The site of my first date and engagement (as well as several business lunches and dinners) is one I'm quite fond of ... We had a small dinner for out-of-town guests the night after the wedding - and Robert and his team gave us the surprise gift of the most delicious wedding cake, handmade by their chef ... and personal service above and beyond. Its southern food, so ya'll get down there as soon as you can.
Of course, there are my beloved non-food businesses:
  • BMW of Las Vegas. They always take great care of me, have a loaner at the ready and they even serve Krispy Kreme! I almost switched to Mercedes two years ago - then realized the level of service I was used to would take years to get ... and I got another Bimmer. Ask for Mike or Chis and tell 'em I sent ya.
  • Grin & Bear It. My aesthetician Nicole Mares is by far the best ... she solved my skin care challenges and is simply a miracle worker. She's booked far in advance, so call her soon: 702.301.4983.
I'm sure you go to places that make you feel like you matter, and you go to them again and again. To create more relationships like these, show up, repeatedly, learn the names of the staff, and be friendly and easy to serve. The added bonus is you will always be able to rely on great service and have a plethora of companies to recommend.

A Theme for Your Year

I've had a blast today receiving all of the birthday well-wishes (thank you!!). As I do every year, I reflect on the past year ... what went great, and what didn't so much. And, as I do every year, I give myself a theme. This past year it was, "Go big or go home." In the coming year, my theme is "Make the biggest difference."

This blog is meant to make the biggest difference I can possibly make to you, my reader. Here are the questions I am asking myself today. I encourage and challenge you to answer the questions for yourself, and make any necessary adjustments.
  • How do I want to live my life, every day? What is truly important to me and how does my life reflect it? Who do I need to spend more time with, including scheduling alone time for myself ... and what are the activities I want to do?
  • If this were my last day, what would I do (and are they things I could do even if it wasn't my last day)?
  • Does my business support my dream life or is my life at the mercy of my business? What do I want and what adjustments do I need to make?
  • Who do I need to have on (or eliminate from) my team?
  • What is my plan and what are the action steps I need to take? Hint: take the first step immediately after making this list!
To get the juices flowing, here's one of mine: I want to make the biggest difference to my daughter. She will be 9 shortly, and that means its half over! That realization was one of the catalysts for cutting back on my hours so I can do homework with her every day after school. I will have plenty of time to work when she's in college ...

You really can design a your life just the way you want it. It may take some time, but with commitment, intention, support and flexibility it can be done! Of course, if you need support, I'm only a call or email away. Here's to a great year for you, this year and always.

Honorée Enterprises: Individual & Group Coaching and Training

Hello and welcome! 

Honorée Enterprises provides two specialized areas of professional and personal development for senior-level and service professionals. 

One-on-One Executive Coaching 
I offer the Honorée Method Coaching Program for senior-level service professionals who desire maximum achievement with minimal stress. My method is based on my fourteen years of coaching and corporate training experience, combined with my success as an entrepreneur, multiple business owner, and top producer. 

We can work together for a minimum of three 100-day sessions over the course of one year. Your coaching is customized and focuses entirely upon your goals and desired outcomes, complete with accountability and additional resources to supplement your professional development. All coaching takes place entirely by phone with agreed-upon work in-between calls. All calls and their contents are completely confidential. 

Investment: Inquire to me at Honoree {at} coachhonoree {dot} com

Note: You can also work with one of my certified coaches. They have been trained in the Honorée Method, and their fees are available upon request.

Group Coaching 
We offer the Honorée Method Coaching Program for groups of five or six complimentary service professionals: the ground-breaking Short-Term Massive Action (STMA) Group Coaching Program! We understand your desire to maximize your business, results, and profitability, which is entirely possible with the right structure and accountability.

The Program consists of 5-6 individuals who engage in group and individual coaching with two coaches {Group Coach and Individual Coach} over a period of 100-days. I created this Program from my work with over 5,000 professionals at all levels of experience. I have a 14-year track record as an executive coach, working with senior-level professionals and sales superstars as their mentor, coach, trainer, and confidant. In this program, I provide my proprietary time-proven recipe for individual and group effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.
The STMA 100-Day Coaching Program takes place in three segments: daily group coaching call (25 minutes) for the first three weeks to turn daily actions into habits, weekly group coaching for remainder of 100 days to keep all participants on track, and individual custom monthly coaching for deeper work as well as sharing targeted tools and strategies. 

The program consists of Four Points of Accountability, and these components ensure its effectiveness:
The Group Coach
The Group Coach provides the One-on-One Pre-Start Strategy Session with each participant, to enable each client to crystallize their initial vision and choose three concrete goals, move strategically chosen daily actions into habits, and utilize other strategies that will enable them to achieve their goals.

There are twenty-seven (27) Group Coach-Facilitated 25 minute group coaching sessions. 

The Individual Coach
Each participant receives three 50-minute customized coaching calls. These calls are currently provided by me and my certified Individual Coaches. Both coaches work closely together to maximize each individual coaching call. These calls are held during weeks 4, 8, and 12 of the Program. There are also three separate tools provided to maximize each individual's progress.
Peer Accountability & Strategic Partner Engagement
Participants will be working with their fellow group members to strategize ways to network, give and receive referrals, and stay on track.
The STMATM Dashboard
The STMATM Dashboard is a Strategic Planning tool used as a guiding star to ensure maximum productivity and progress. It allows for accountability to be transparent to both coaches and participant.

Full participation is virtually guaranteed, and this participation all but guarantees results! You have two options for forming a group:

  • Six individuals form a group within a company or firm. They could consist of those at the same level or across a practice area, division, or department. 
  • One individual forms a group of a total of six (6) professionals that are logical strategic partners (for example, a business attorney would find a CPA, banker, financial advisor, insurance provider, attorney in complimentary practice). 
Investment: Inquire. Please contact Joan Richardson at 214-422-3965 or Joan {at} CoachHonoree {dot} com for more information.

Customized Training: 
I’ve written and delivered inspirational, motivational and transformational content on time maximization, organization, networking, and business development to well over 100,000 professionals at all levels, in audiences of 5-2,500, since 1999. My customized training can take place in your offices, via webinars, or conference calls. 

My programs are highly interactive, fun and informative, with immediately applicable tips, tools, strategies and ideas, and range from 90 minutes to a full 7-hour day. 

I would love an opportunity to put my experience to work for you and your company. For more information or a customized proposal, please feel free to send me an email at Honoree {at} HonoreeCorder {dot} com, or contact my assistant Christina Culbertson at Christina {at} HonoreeCorder {dot} com.

Brand = Bank

With all of the "excitement" surrounding the financial markets, a lot of people are in a state of fear. One way out of fear is to have a brand that is recognizable, stands for something people believe in, and makes your way to new business easier. 

There are four key steps to creating a clear, powerful and effective brand:
  • Differentiation. What separates you from others who do what you do? Time in the business? A unique background in other industries? Your education and/or training? How do they know what makes you different? Do your letterhead, business card and other promotional materials reflect your expertise?
    How about your website? I recently had my website undergo a major overhaul. Click here to see it - you may notice its drastically different from my old one. In the 21st century your "storefront" is your website. Your potential clients do their research on you before they commit a dime - make sure what they find excellently represents your brand.
  • Emotion. It is said that buying decisions are based on emotions, and justified with logic. Ultimately it is someone's personal connection with you, not the actual product or service itself, that inspires or repels them. Make sure you and your brand inspire positive emotions.
  • Authenticity. We can feel, even if its just on an intuitive level, when someone is incongruent (the inside doesn't match the outside) and they aren't genuine, trustworthy or "bona-fide." It is a good idea to be real, be human, and be the best you can. Others know when you're pretending to be someone or something you're not, even if they don't say it to you (chances are they'll say it - but not to you!). They just won't hire you.
  • Relevancy. Being relevant is at an all-time high. With fear comes pulling back, hunkering down and being more prudent. You must prove what you're selling is relevant - and how specifically it is relevant. You must either solve a problem or give someone more of what they want. If your brand doesn't convey that, you won't go as far as you'd like.
Take the time to define your brand. Once done, your new feelings of power will empower you to take action, and thereby attract to you more of what you want, all while you're helping others get what they want. Sounds like win-win to me - and that's all good.

Networking Know-How #3: The Early Bird Gets the Sterling Reputation

Some of my best and most powerful conversations have happened at events where I arrived prior to the start time. The folks who are in the know that you need to know (i.e., the staff, speaker and hosts) get there well ahead of time - and you'll have an opportunity to make or re-make their acquaintance when you arrive in the window of time called "after the details are handled - before the people arrive."

As my southern husband would say, here's what you need to know to "get yourself situated:"
  • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early. You'll have the chance to catch your breath, bring down your heart rate, visit the loo, and grab a drink. You'll probably get a smokin' hot parking spot, too.
  • Speak to the host. Find out who is on the guest list, and ask if there's anyone you should meet.
  • Put your name tag on your left side. Paper name tags won't wrinkle and will be visible when you shake someone's hand.
  • Silence your cell phone. Vibrate is fine if you must stay connected (I'm a mom, I get it), and you want to avoid being rude. Excuse yourself before you check to see who's calling.
  • Smile (with teeth). Breathe. Have fun! The next person you meet could be just the person who changes the trajectory of your business forever.
Excerpted from Work the Room, my popular seminar for companies and organizations who want the networking edge in business. Is someone on your staff among the 95% of people who say they are shy and avoid networking at all costs? This seminar will change the way you and your staff feel about networking - and network in the future - in just 90 minutes. Email me for more information: honoree{at}coachhonoree{dot}com.

What's Your Expectation? Part Deux

The overwhelming and positive response to my blog yesterday has been heart-warming (thanks for reading!). Answers to your FAQs:
  1. Yes, I really did get married (8/8/08).
  2. The name of the company that sent the cool wine gift is:
    Select Wines LLC (914-835-6235/www.selectwinesllc.com).
    NOTE: Just spoke to Chris, one of the owners, and he is offering an additional 5% off any purchase of $100 or more. Put HONOREE in the comments section if you order online or just mention my name. Happy ordering and salut!
  3. While you're here, send me back a quick note telling me the coolest and most creative gift you've ever received. I'll compile a list for a future blog.
To Your Success! ~Coach H.

Networking Know-How #2: Pre-Event Preparation

The one crucial must-have for any networking event is business cards. In fact, its a great idea to have at least a dozen cards on you at any time.

Always keep them in a case until you’re ready to use them - making your case a conversation piece is even better. You want to avoid giving out a card that's bent, unclean or (horror!) has been written on. Visit the Executive Gift Shop for a nice assortment of cases. A nice business card case makes a lovely gift as well, especially for someone who has just joined a new company or been promoted.

At any event or in any situation, put your cards in one pocket and the cards you receive in another. You will avoid "card confusion" and the appearance of being disorganized and unprofessional.

If you don't have your business card, especially when someone asks for it, it simply lowers your credibility in the eyes of the person asking. Because I'm a giver, here's what you say when you're fresh out: "I've been more popular today than I anticipated. May I have your card and I will send you one of mine?" You will save face (mostly) and have the opportunity to impress your new contact with a follow-up note (handwritten, of course).

Super-Saver-Strategy: Put an extra box of cards in your car, just in case. I have a box in my home office, at my office and in my car. That way, when I run out, I have a few ways to replenish.

Excepted from Work the Room, my popular seminar for companies and organization who want the networking edge in business. Is someone on your staff among the 95% of people who say they are shy and avoid networking at all costs? This seminar will change the way you feel about networking - and network in the future - in just 90 minutes. Email me for more information: honoree{at}coachhonoree{dot}com.

Networking Know-How #1: Pre-Event Preparation

Before attending any event: open house, mixer, or party, there are a few must do's:
  • Give yourself these three descriptor words: Poised, Polished, Professional. You are judged instantaneously on your perceived income level, education and level of competence (think Blink! by Malcolm Gladwell). Remember the old axiom: Your never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you make a bad one, it will take many perfect meetings to overcome it!
  • Decide who you want to meet or see again. Left to chance, you may or may not "get lucky" and make a powerful connection that will result in revenue. Know who you want to meet in advance and seek them out.
  • Decide your purpose for attending the event. Being intentional in your actions - in advance - will eliminate networking for the sake of checking off boxes and help you to reach your goals ... sooner.
  • Speaking of goals ... give yourself one or two to achieve at the event. You may want to meet 10 new people and collect business cards, deepen a current relationship, or create new ones. Get clear to create clear results.
  • Craft a clear, concise, brief introduction. Try this: state your name, your company, who you serve and how you serve them. Here's mine: Honoree, Honoree Enterprises, I work with business owner-service providers to help them create and execute a strategic plan, while managing the day-to-day challenges of their businesses in the areas of new business development, stress, cash flow, employee management and time maximization. (Now you know my target market and perhaps someone came to mind. The same will happen for you and you may walk away with a new client and/or several potential clients.)
Next time, we'll continue with the one key item you must take with you. For $1 million in cash, be the first to tell me what it is and how to use it effectively.

Excepted with permission from Work the Room, my popular seminar for anyone who wants the networking edge in business. Are you or your staff among the 95% of people who say they are shy and avoid networking at all costs? This seminar will change the way you feel about networking in just 90 minutes. Email my COO Joan Richardson for more information: Joan{@}coachhonoree{dot}com.

Your Greatest Days are Yet to Come!

With so much focus on the "tight market" and "challenging times," I have been patiently waiting for the breaking news that tells us that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train! Perhaps its time for you to dust yourself off, and create a new action plan with some inspired goals that will effortlessly move you forward. The journey from here to there will be easier with a few insights:
  1. Start where you are. Every journey begins with a single step. You can, most of the time, move toward your next big accomplishment with a simple step (like an email, note or phone call).
  2. Find a colleague with similar goals. A little friendly competition is always helpful, as well as the support of someone who has similar outcomes.
  3. Get the right "gear." Its impossible to create new results when you're operating without the right tools. Find the right computer, database manager, web designer, etc. to support where you want to go.
  4. Stay healthy. Build a solid foundation for executing your tasks with the proper care and feeding of your mind, body and spirit.
  5. Pace yourself. You can eat an elephant, one bite at a time (with the right hot sauce, side dishes, and dessert). Big accomplishments take lots of effort and will require you to check many boxes. Be sure to recognize your small wins on your way to the big one.
  6. See the forest and the trees! Have a compelling plan that keeps you moving - and take it one day at a time.
  7. Its okay to rest. We must all take time to rest and recharge - my recommendation is one hour a day when you veg out with some "mind candy" (mine is an episode of Law & Order or a gossip rag like People Magazine) and one whole day on the weekend to do nothing.
  8. Form your pit crew. As a marathon runner, I put my crew of people all along the course with fluids, bars, and ibuprofen. A coach (know anyone good?), mentor and fantastic strategic partners can help you prepare, prevent and persevere.
  9. Challenge yourself. Read on topics outside of your specialty, take a different way home, try a new food. These "off routine" activities will keep you nimble, sharp and make you stronger.
  10. Be true to you. Get to your goals in the way that's just right for you - trust your intuition, make corrective changes as necessary and most of all, enjoy the journey.
The best is yet to come. Enjoy!

*NEW* Work the Room Seminar - In Time for the Holidays

Are you concerned with how your staff and team members present themselves - especially at all of those holiday parties and events? If so, you will love "Work the Room" - Honorée's newest seminar!

The details:

Business is about impressions. How your associates and partners carry themselves at networking functions – both company-sponsored and at public events - directly reflects on your firm and its brand. How do your staff members measure up? Progressive firms realize that their futures depend almost entirely on the greatness of their staff — all of their staff.

In Honorée’s seminar, “Work the Room,” your team will learn the art of networking, as well as the hidden value, and priceless potential of knowing how to make a positive first impression, speak confidently, carry themselves gracefully and professionally, ask the right questions, successfully navigate a room of strangers, and create relationships wherever they go.

She will provide them with the fundamentals for preparing for any event with intention, making notable first impressions, opening, controlling and graciously exiting conversations, maximizing opportunities, and creating lasting relationships.

Each member of your staff will be perceived as a “class act” because they will know how to do the simple extras that make all the difference. Establishing the immeasurable value of attitude and appearance in business will help transform them from a group of nervous networkers into a team of skilled, powerful professionals, promoting your firm to your firm, and others, with precision and style.

Honorée is one of the world’s foremost experts on business strategy and development. She’s also a very active Executive Coach and over the last ten years she has worked with more than 5,000 service professionals at all levels of practice. She will motivate, inspire and transform your team with her energetic, entertaining and educational style and substance.

For more information, send an email to questions@corpron.com.

Legends of Basketball

I am at the Ritz Carlton San Juan speaking to the National Basketball Retired Players Association at their annual Legends Reunion.

I'm speaking to them about What's Next. What's next for you?

Position Yourself as THE Expert Part 2

Last week, we began our conversation about achieving expert status. Here are more action steps you can take to increase your visibility and position as THE expert:

Write articles. Get articles published wherever you can. Any publication, from your alumni newsletter to your local daily paper can be a good venue for you to get your message across. When writing articles always ask for a byline and a photo. Reprint all articles you have written. Send them to current clients and potential clients. Your name in print spells expertise. You can publish your articles online for an elevated web presence ... start here.

Publish your own newsletter or "ezine" (e-magazine). If you can not easily get others to print your articles, print them yourself. A newsletter can be no more than a single side of an 8' 1/2 by 11' sheet of paper. In addition to information on a topic related to your business you can also print a list of services, an announcement about a special event or any other self promoting information you see fit. Also electronic newsletters are an effective way to stay in touch and are almost no cost to produce.

Write a book. Being the author of any book adds credibility to your message. If you are not able to get a publisher to take it, consider self-publishing. There are a lot of resources out there to assist people with self-publishing. Also, there is a lot of software on the market that makes the formatting of your book easy. Here is my suggestion for the go-to company for graphic design, if you want the look and format to be ultra-professional. Tell 'em I send ya for the 'friends and family discount.' If you don't have a copy of my book, Tall Order!, be among the first 10 to request a complimentary copy and it will be on its way to you tout-de-suite.

Print a booklet. If a book is overwhelming then consider the simple and easy alternative. A booklet can be nothing more than four pages folded over with information and tips to consumers to consider when working with your industry. You can use this as a leave behind marketing piece that will continue to state your expertise.

Get media coverage. Produce a press kit discussing the topics you would like to speak to. Send out news releases to your local papers radio stations and TV shows when you are doing something news worthy. When you are a guest on a show always ask for a video or a tape so you can use it for other opportunities later, and for the media center on your website.

Get professional endorsements to use in your brochure and other marketing materials. Endorsements from someone recognized as an expert in a related field or from someone recognized as an expert in your field will say that even the experts think you are an expert.

Create photo recognition. Have a professional quality photograph on hand so you can seize any opportunity to use it. People that will not remember your name will remember your face. Then you will hear when they recognize you as an expert "I see your picture everywhere."

Teach. If you are teaching others what you know you must surely know a lot. Community colleges, universities and community organizations are always looking for adjunct instructors and special guests speakers to share their expertise with students.

Whatever you decide to do to establish yourself as an expert, recognize that you must regularly continue your professional development. Go to seminars, read industry publications, consult with colleagues keep current on the use of new technologies in your industry. To establish yourself as an expert, remember the most important part is to first be the expert you are capable of being.

Someone is going to be highly recognized as an expert in your industry. Have that expert be YOU!

Position Yourself as THE Expert Part 1

To make your business soar, you must position yourself as an expert. When your potential clients are deciding who they will do business with, they are less concerned with price than you might think. Today's savvy potential clients are most interested in working with who can do the best job. As an executive coach working with business owners and service professionals, I tell my clients over and over “everybody wants to do business with an expert.” If you want to increase your business success, establish yourself as an expert. People will give you their business to you if they know you have the expertise to do an excellent job for them.

There are several things you can do to position yourself as an expert. The first and most important item for you to do is:

See yourself as an expert. If you do not consider yourself as an expert then you have two choices: become an expert fast or find a new profession. Keep in mind what comes easy to you does not come easy to everyone – and many will gladly pay top dollar for your knowledge and expertise.

In addition, use some of the following methods to raise standing as an expert in your field.

Public Speaking is a very important way to gain exposure and potential clients. When you are in business remember it is always better to be in the front of the room with your mouth open than in the back of the room with your mouth shut. There are several groups meeting in your geographic area that are always looking for speakers. Put together a list of topics you can discuss and send it out to the program chair of different organizations you identify as groups filled with your potential clients. Whenever you are speaking, you can invite potential clients who you would like to hear you speak. Speaking gives people an opportunity to meet you and get to know you before they meet with you individually to consider becoming your client.

Do public seminars. Do not think that you will make money on these seminars. In fact you may spend a good amount to put one together; however, there are benefits to creating your own forum for presenting your work. You determine how long you will speak and what the format will be. You can target participation to people you know are potential clients for you. You can do press releases and event listings in publications that lots of people will read even if they do not attend. This results in people saying to you the ever popular phase "I see your name everywhere." Establishing name recognition is a big part of positioning yourself as an expert.

Join The Chamber of Commerce. When you are a member of your local chamber you are recognized as a legitimate businessperson, and you are acknowledged as someone who understands the importance of supporting the business community in which you live. Also, your Chamber can provide you with many opportunities to position yourself as an expert, like being on a panel, writing an article for the newsletter, and volunteering your expertise for the organization.

Be active in your industry association. Anybody who is an expert is a member of their local and or national industry group. These groups, like other industry specific groups, offer monthly or quarterly meetings that allow you to keep current on changes in your industry, as well as offering you a place to meet other members of your profession. Consider doing presentations at industry conferences this will allow you to be considered an expert by your peers.

Become involved in the leadership of your industry association. Leadership in your industry professional association automatically gives the impression that you are a local expert. This role also allows you to keep your hand on the pulse of what is happening in your industry in your area.

To be continued ...

Industry Domination – 5 Steps to Own Your Market

It is fascinating to study what makes the difference between a person who owns a small struggling business that stays a small struggling business, and a person who owns a small struggling business that becomes a strong, successful business and an industry leader.

It boils down to the constant innovation, simplification, and optimization of the key systems in your business. This may seem like a tall order, yes. However, I promise you it’s well worth it!

Why? Because the process that sets an industry leader apart from a struggling business owner, and the process that can help an average business owner become an industry leader - is the same thing.

It’s five-step system known as the "PRIMO" Process.

“Primo” is a Latin word that means “first, foremost, and most distinguished.” All the things I know you want to have associated with your business. Here’s an outline of the five-steps to developing the innovative systems that can help you become a distinguished leader in your industry:

1) Prioritize: Prioritize the list of all critical systems* in your business. You will start with the most important ones first.

2) Research: Research and benchmark the current level of effectiveness of the target system.

3) Imagine: Imagine new ways you can innovate the current system. See my example below for clarification. (I intentionally use the word imagine because you must not only “step outside the box” of conventional thinking, you must often smash that old box to pieces!)

4) Make your move! Take action on the 20% that will give you 80% of the needed results.

5) Observe and optimize: Observe your changes, measure and record your results, and change your approach as necessary until you get the results you want.

If you want to accelerate your success and innovate at a pace that you don’t even need to think about what your competitors are doing, you’ll need to rotate different areas of your company in order to polish and perfect.

I coach entrepreneurs on effective techniques for getting the most out their PRIMO Sessions.
Here’s some short-hand of how you can begin to apply the PRIMO Process on your own this, and every, month.

A. Set aside at least two hours once per month to sit down with your team and proactively practice the PRIMO Process on one area that’s critical to your business growth. (For larger companies with 25-plus people, have one meeting per department.)

B. During the month following that first meeting, observe, measure and document the level of improvement generated by the new system.

C. At the start of the following month’s meeting, begin with a brief status report on your target system, and discuss further optimization. Then use the remainder of your meeting to address the next system in order of priority.

You won't be able to achieve a leadership position in your industry without innovation, and you definitely won't maintain that position unless you have systems in place. These two key components of growth can sometimes work against each other and it requires a fine balance between the two. The PRIMO Process is the key to keeping this delicate balance in your company.

*Are you clear about the systems you need to have in place? Ask yourself when doing any task or activity how it could be done with less effort, and more ease. Could someone else do it? Does it need to be done at all? Could it be done in combination with something else?

Coach's Example: Many years ago when I was growing my Shaklee business, I found myself spending a large amount of time at the Post Office sending out packages (95% were less than 1 lb.). It occurred to me I was spending at least one hour of my day driving to and from the PO and waiting in line. It seemed like a lot of wasted time! The situation was also complicated with the fact that my daughter Lexi needed to go along for the ride, too. Imagine me, with an infant, several loose packages, a purse, the line, the traffic (I'm exhausted just thinking about it!). It was a glorious day when I asked myself the question: "What is a better way to do this?!?!" By doing some research, I discovered (a) the mail was picked up and delivered every single day right at my front door, (b) I could purchase a scale for about $15, and (c) have unlimited denominations of postage delivered to my door for a $1 service charge (check out: www.usps.com). While purchasing my scale, I also stocked up on needed supplies. This "gave me" that additional hour to be productive, generate more business and ultimately make more money!

When do you need to ask yourself the question, "What is a better way to do this?" (All the time.) You'll be delighted at the right answers you get from asking the right question.

The Power of the Handwritten Note

For years I have touted the importance is sending just a few handwritten notes every day:
  • in gratitude for things other do for you (such as buy lunch, refer new business, hire you or send a gift)
  • after meeting someone for the first time (leaves a powerful, positive impression and opens perhaps otherwise closed doors)
  • to start to bridge the gap with acquaintances from "friendly" to "friend," thus increasing the likelihood of future business*
  • to recognize someone for a personal or professional achievement
  • to offer condolences on someone's loss
  • or just to say hello and enclose an article or other piece of important information
I've found the solution for those of you who feel your handwriting - when you're not focusing on writing in your "nicest and neatest" (thank you Lexi's 2nd grade teacher, the fabulous Mrs. Fowler) - is less than stellar and even illegible. Fontifier.com turns your handwriting into a font that you can use just like the ones that come standard on your computer. You are 7 quick steps and just $9 (!) away from having your handwriting available to you, just like Arial or Times New Roman is right now. Combined with your personalized notes, you can send notes that have that magic personal touch without the stress of wondering if they can read it.

Here is a great stationery resource. My recommendation is to have notes with your name and business address (without your business name). This elevates the relationship to personal - which is crucial for business success. In perfect or imperfect worlds, we do business with our friends - people we know, like and trust. Sending notes is one of the best ways to begin and continue that process.

Market Mentality: Pull Back or Be Proactive?

After my 50th conversation about how bad the market is over lunches, business group meetings and client conversation, I thought it was time for some words of hope and encouragement ... and a few action steps for good measure.

What I hear is most everyone talking hard times and lack - and getting more and more of what they're talking about. What I'm observing is a nice percentage of companies, firms and even solo service providers doing a great deal of business, not just surviving but really thriving right now. I'm pretty sure these same companies are continuing to focus on what they want, executing their plans and being diligent about taking the market share no-one else is even thinking about right now. How about you?

A colleague and client of mine pointed me to this study published at Penn State a few years ago giving merit to the idea that executing - and continuing to execute - your already-in-place, calculated, strategic (dare I say intentional) marketing plan is the key ingredient to your future business success ... during and after this recession.

While your competition scales back in fear, lays off key players, and stops most if not all marketing activities while hoping to ride out the storm, you can reach out with gusto and grab an even larger market share than was available even 3-6 months ago.

Here are some additional moves that will yield bottom-line increasing results:
  • Dial for dollars. If you've slowed down (at all), use your time wisely by reaching out to folks who haven't heard from you in awhile. As my successful colleague Greg Jones says: if you're complaining about not being busy, then you have plenty of time to talk with him about his services.
  • Gather 4-6 colleagues over lunch, share your ideal clients profiles and use your bench strength to gather referrals and new business opportunities.
  • Brochures in the supply room? Boxes of business cards in your desk? They aren't generating business where they sit - be proactive in your distribution of marketing materials.
  • Crystallize your ideal client profile (email me if you'd like an exercise to help with the crystallizing) and categorize your clients into 3 groups: (1) ideal, (2) OK but not perfect and (3) fire at once. Cultivate more ideal clients, give your not perfect clients more love and attention so they have the opportunity to step up to being ideal, and fire the rest (counterintuitive, I know ... you'll be making room for more of what you want).
  • Network like a mad fool - and do it with intention and lots of strategy. Don't go anywhere without (a) being clear who else is going to be there and (b) having a plan for following up and creating rich relationships.
Now is the time to take advantage of all the hard-times talk, thrive through this time and position yourself for the future. Go for it!

STMA 100-Day Group Coaching

14 Weeks of Intensive Group Business Coaching with the Short-Term Massive Action (STMA) 100-Day Action Program Business Coach that will change your business forever!

STMA™ - Short-Term Massive Action Group Coaching Your 100-Day Action Coaching Program for Accelerated Success

Have you wondered what it would take to jump-start your business and take it to a whole new level? Perhaps you are struggling with the basic challenges every business owner and service professional faces – procrastination, time management, disorganization, people “problems”, executing strategic plans (or even creating them!), balancing personal and professional life -- and there are, of course, many others.

For a select group of individuals, I have created the STMA™ (Short-Term Massive Action) 100-Day Action Coaching Program for Accelerated Success to help you get – and stay – on track! This Program is for anyone who wants to jump-start or keep their momentum, and create success in every area of their life faster and easier than ever before, and is excited at the prospect of having the benefits of their own personal mastermind group as an added bonus!

I know this Program works because it is one that I’ve used personally - in addition, there are over 250 graduates of this program, many who have completed more than 5 consecutive 100-day programs.

The STMA™ Group Coaching Program will help you to:

1. Identify your Point A – where you are now, and your Point B – where you want to go and the results you want to create.
2. Step up your level of intensity, intention, attention to detail and sense of urgency.
3. Stay on task and accountable, moving toward your goals and objectives.
4. Make business development a priority, identifying activities that bear short and long-term fruit.
5. Work smarter, not harder. You will work less, yet create better results.
6. Create unstoppable momentum, more life balance, more business and more money than ever before (and you ever thought possible!).
7. Begin to master skills that will upgrade the way you run your business now and in the future.
8. Maintain integrity, balance and fulfillment.
9. Network with the brightest minds in the business world – your fellow STMA™ participants!

Here’s how it works:
1. You receive your STMA™ 100-Day Program Manual. You will have the opportunity to answer the Point A questions and create your 100-Day Action Plan. You will have a pre-start call with your coach and fellow group members.
2. Day 1 of 100 – First call, review of goals and desired outcomes, including your 100-Day Action Plan.
3. 6 Calls scheduled over the course of 100 Days. Prior to these calls, you will have the opportunity to complete your Coaching Call Maximizer.
Call content:
Session 2: Getting Organized & Effective Time Maximization
Session 3: Intentional Strategic Marketing
Session 4: People* Management (Family, Friends, Co-workers & Clients)
Session 5: Identifying & Magnetizing Your Ideal Clients and Strategic Partners
Session 6: Consistent, Effective & Efficient Marketing
Session 7: Keeping the Momentum

4. Day 100 of 100 Celebration Call. You will identify your progress to your original vision, goals and purpose.
5. Post-STMA Review Call – a comprehensive review of the past 100 Days. You will have the opportunity to assess and evaluate your progress over the course of the Program and set yourself up for future success.
6. You will have the option to begin another STMA™ 100-Day Group Program, step up to Private Coaching, have “a la carte” (when you need it) coaching, or take a break from coaching.

Additionally, you will have the option to submit a Weekly Progress Sheet on Fridays or over each weekend for review and additional support.

Ready to get started? Questions? Reach out to me at 702.353.5100 at your earliest convenience.

Look forward to hearing you on the call!

Inspiration * Motivation * Transformation

Six Daily Actions

I got almost everything done today I wanted to. I definitely got all of the important, must-do tasks checked off. I have a set list of priority items I work on daily (workout, read, write, marketing, coach, family time) that take me toward my goals. These are my six daily actions, and I've been using and teaching this practice for many years. This list is my touchstone - it keeps me focused and on track.

Once identified, the first step is to ask yourself, “What are my top three goals?" Next, based on those goals, "What are the most important action items I must commit to in order to achieve my goals?" It's important to immediately calendar those six daily action items. Suddenly your list of activities will have a much greater impact on moving your business/practice forward. It also helps eliminate the questions around where future work is coming from.

Coach's Note: Schedule 60-80 percent of your workday on your six daily actions. Notice I didn’t say you would work only 60-80% of your day, I said schedule 60-80% of your day. This will allow for you to have the flexibility to address client or staff challenges, work on projects, and you can effectively go after opportunities as they occur. By not scheduling every minute of the day, when something pops up you’ll have the time to address it without rearranging your schedule, and everyone else’s schedule, to deal with it.

Once you've identified your Six Daily Actions, print them out and place them where you can see them all the time.

E-mail and Phone Calls in Real Time? NO!

To control the animals known as email and voicemail, I recommend reading and listening to them just twice a day so that you can gain control of your time.

Unless your job entails giving people immediate responses to questions, you should be checking in only twice per day. Do not build the expectation with customers and clients that you are always available, thus setting yourself up to be interrupted in the middle of every conversation and every thinking moment. See my post here about saying no, in case you missed it and would like special permission to do it.

Case in point - have you ever been really on a roll, completely creative and getting things done, only to be interrupted by something completely unnecessary and unimportant? (Of course you have, I can see you nodding!) How long did it take you to get back to your great place? Or are you still trying to get there?

The vast majority of the people I’ve observed could easily tell others, “I check my e-mail and voicemail twice a day, at 8 AM and 2 PM. If you need a response from me, then just know that I will check in at those times and respond to your need when I see it.” In that way, the other person knows he has to take responsibility for getting info to you in a timely manner.

You may not feel this particular suggestion would work for you - consider, then, how you could customize this strategy to work best for you.

It feels great to take control and be in charge. Give it a try. Let me know how its going for you ...

Strategic Marketing

Who's thriving in this market? The folks who strategically market their goods and services consistently and intentionally. Where do you find an abundance of clients - no matter what the economy is doing? Here is where you most likely can find the low-hanging fruit:
  • Clients. The people you have served in the past or are serving currently. Staying in touch regularly is wise - touching base just to say 'hi' is enough. Do your current clients utilize all facets of what you have to offer? Do they have all of their business with you? If not, Go for No! by asking for the additional business.
  • Internal Marketing. Unless you're a sole practitioner, you have colleagues who may or may not have an accurate view of your skill set, abilities and available services. Just dipping into the Rolodexes of your partners, co-workers and colleagues should yield enough business to keep you busy for quite some time. Schedule lunches, cocktails, dinners and social events to create the friendships that will yield more business.
  • External Marketing. Have you identified 10-12-15 strategic partners - those who have your same target market yet are not in competition with you? When one of my clients, friends, or colleagues need a product or service, I can almost always reach into my network and connect them with a friend who can help them immediately - and who will take great care of them because of the introduction. In order to thrive, you simply must be in constant contact with other business professionals. As the great book by Harvey Mackay says: Dig your well before you're thirsty.
I will admit it seems quite boring to be consistent in your marketing - and the results are anything but boring. The great news is that very few people actually do it - so just by showing up and continuing to show up, you will set yourself apart from your competition. And that's exactly what this type of market calls for ...

Spend the Majority of Your Time Improving Your Strengths

Put all of your skills in three categories: A, B, and C . Assuming you have ten hours a week that you could spend developing your skills. In ten hours you could take a C skill to a B- or you could take an A skill to an A+. Which one, the A+ or the B- skill, will have a greater impact on your business? The only time I suggest you focus on developing your weaknesses is if you have a debilitating weakness.

For example, I’m basically a C player when it comes to technology, but I’ve invested time in learning about podcasts, blogging, and websites, because those are critically important to my business.

If you are a C level public speaker and public speaking is critically important to your function, then I encourage you to improve that weakness. However, if you’re a “C” at spreadsheets and you have a highly competent assistant, then I don’t encourage you to take a computer class just to improve your skills.

Not enough time to get it all done? Try these ...

A client told me today she had people in her office for 4 hours yesterday - FOUR HOURS! Multiplied times her hourly rate equals ... ouch. Additionally, her productivity was down and without question she was frustrated. She was finding herself in situations where colleagues would stop by her office with a question - and then not leave!

We created a short list of "get out of this conversation" actions: (1) Use a countdown timer on your computer. Set it to "ding" after 10 minutes, then excuse yourself to execute an activity that requires privacy (and for your visitor to shut the door on their way out). (2) Shut (lock?) your door. Route everyone through your assistant. (3) Use a "PWT" (private work time) object ... I learned this from an engineering client of mine who works in a cubicle environment. Whenever employees of his firm display a certain object (such as a mini orange work cone or even a sign) this was a signal they were using focused work time on something important and they were not to be disturbed. (4) Excuse yourself to check on a long-awaited fax or even to use the loo.

The mantra I hear often is: "I don't have time to do everything I need to do." When you set boundaries and keep them firm, you will find yourself with plenty of time to do everything you need to do ... and still have time to do the things you want to do.

Givers Gain - Why don't you HARO (help a reporter out?)

I subscribe to HARO - Help a Reporter Out - a list created by Peter Shankman to help writers, authors and publishers find sources and material for their articles, books and publications. I received this this morning:
So we broke 11,000 members last night. I sit here writing this with a cup of coffee in shock and amazement. So before I head out for my morning run, I want to share some good news. It never occurred to me that HARO might be worth something to anyone. I kinda thought I'd do it for fun, keep it up as long as I can, have a good time with it. But every day, more and more people sign up, and it shows no signs of slowing down. And with growth comes people noticing, I guess. I got a phone call last week from a friend of mine who works at an ad agency. It went something like this.

Friend: "Peter, do you know American Apparel?"
Me: "Yeah, they're that company in LA that makes clothing that I'm not hot enough to wear."
Friend: "Um... Right. Anyway, they want to advertise in HARO."
Me: "I mean, seriously, I'd have to lose another 20 or so pounds before I... Wait, what?"

And that's how it started. Remember how I've been putting those little "Helpareporter.com - better than Cats" lines at the top of the emails? Well, as of the lunchtime HARO, they're going to occasionally include special links to specific advertisers. Like American Apparel: http://tinyurl.com/4quk3p - So if you were all like, "You know, I need some new tops" or whatever, why not order them by clicking above? It'll make lots of people happy. Like, you know, me.
Peter personifies what happens when you are a giver first - without necessarily the expectation of receiving something in return. Kudos, Peter - and thanks for hooking me up with all of the great ladies I'm interviewing for my upcoming book, Success & the Single Mom!

Coach's Challenge: Is it possible for you to identify a need and fill it in this way? Spend some time today looking for a way to be a giver ... the good news for you is you will receive unexpected goodies in return (that's the way of the Universe). Of course, if you know a writer, publisher, author or anyone a list like this might be helpful for, point them here.