2009 Can Be Your Best Year ... Ever!

Although many of you Type A-Mach I-with-your-hair-on-fire folks may still be working like there's no tomorrow, the truth is we've been given the gift of the holidays to slow down, connect with our loved ones and remember what's most important. I hope you do take the time to enjoy the holidays as much as you possibly can. When you're ready to focus on the future, read the following:

My pre-2009 coaching homework for you comes in two parts: (1) Enjoy the holidays. Turn off the iPhone, shut off the email and just be. Stop doing so much and make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy some fruitcake. (2) The week of 12/29, block out an hour or two to get clear about what you want 2009 to be like, both personally and professionally. Use the following questions to help.

2008 Review.
List all of your major and minor accomplishments of 2008.
What did you not accomplish you wanted to or meant to?
What do you need to let go of or quit striving for?
What else do you want to remember about 2008 that would be helpful in creating the 2009 you truly desire?

2009 Plan. Go here to download your 100-day Plan.

2009 Execution.
What new strategy(ies) could you implement so you are at 125% of your goal at the end of the year?
What new system(s) could you put in place so you are at 125% of your goal at the end of the year?
What new skill(s) and/or ability(ies) could you develop so you are more efficient/effective?
Your 5 most important goals that must be met before the end of this year are:
Why must these goals be met?
What is/are the reward(s) for achieving these goals:
What must you be held accountable for between now and the end of the first quarter:

Tips for Success
Actualization. Spend time each day visualizing reaching your goals … in detail. See their attainment. Feel the feelings. Hear the sounds of achievement.
Anticipation. Live in a state of positive expectancy. Remember: your attitude determines your results! Remain calm and confident, knowing you will create your desired results.
Focus. Deal with uncontrollable factors (such as other people’s behavior, the economy, and adversity) through focus. Dig deep for strength, remember your goals.
Appreciation. Give yourself credit as you reach each mini-goal, be happy you had the opportunities that came your way and the support of your staff, colleagues and clients (and Coach) to reach your goals.

At the center of your being you have the answer;
You know who you are and you know what you want. --Lao-tzu

Here's to your best year yet! ~Honorée

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The Courage Crafters said...

Honoree, This is a great blog entry. Perfect advice. And we love the quote at the end.