Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The ideal business situation is one that allows us to do business with our friends: people we know, like and trust. That includes patronizing companies and businesses that know us when we walk in the door, greet us by name and give us extra-special treatment. When you're looking to do business over lunch or dinner, its imperative you have a few places you "own" ... where they know you, what you like, and go the extra mile to create the ideal environment for your critical conversations. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • The Stirling Club. Truly a gorgeous oasis of luxury - this private club offers amenities that are invaluable when courting clients. They know each member by name and offer fantastic service. They have private rooms that allow their members to hold events or just private conversations, as well as a spa and pool for casual entertaining. Kathleen Gustafson can get you started, whenever you're ready.
  • Spago at The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. GM Oded Talmor has become a good friend who always greets me with a hug, puts me at "my" table, sends over a little something extra and makes me feel like the most important guest of the day.
  • Verandah Room at The Four Seasons. If we must do business, why not do it at a place where we can be treated to yummy food, while sitting by the pool (we can at least pretend we live a life of leisure, yes?).
  • Louis's. The site of my first date and engagement (as well as several business lunches and dinners) is one I'm quite fond of ... We had a small dinner for out-of-town guests the night after the wedding - and Robert and his team gave us the surprise gift of the most delicious wedding cake, handmade by their chef ... and personal service above and beyond. Its southern food, so ya'll get down there as soon as you can.
Of course, there are my beloved non-food businesses:
  • BMW of Las Vegas. They always take great care of me, have a loaner at the ready and they even serve Krispy Kreme! I almost switched to Mercedes two years ago - then realized the level of service I was used to would take years to get ... and I got another Bimmer. Ask for Mike or Chis and tell 'em I sent ya.
  • Grin & Bear It. My aesthetician Nicole Mares is by far the best ... she solved my skin care challenges and is simply a miracle worker. She's booked far in advance, so call her soon: 702.301.4983.
I'm sure you go to places that make you feel like you matter, and you go to them again and again. To create more relationships like these, show up, repeatedly, learn the names of the staff, and be friendly and easy to serve. The added bonus is you will always be able to rely on great service and have a plethora of companies to recommend.

A Theme for Your Year

I've had a blast today receiving all of the birthday well-wishes (thank you!!). As I do every year, I reflect on the past year ... what went great, and what didn't so much. And, as I do every year, I give myself a theme. This past year it was, "Go big or go home." In the coming year, my theme is "Make the biggest difference."

This blog is meant to make the biggest difference I can possibly make to you, my reader. Here are the questions I am asking myself today. I encourage and challenge you to answer the questions for yourself, and make any necessary adjustments.
  • How do I want to live my life, every day? What is truly important to me and how does my life reflect it? Who do I need to spend more time with, including scheduling alone time for myself ... and what are the activities I want to do?
  • If this were my last day, what would I do (and are they things I could do even if it wasn't my last day)?
  • Does my business support my dream life or is my life at the mercy of my business? What do I want and what adjustments do I need to make?
  • Who do I need to have on (or eliminate from) my team?
  • What is my plan and what are the action steps I need to take? Hint: take the first step immediately after making this list!
To get the juices flowing, here's one of mine: I want to make the biggest difference to my daughter. She will be 9 shortly, and that means its half over! That realization was one of the catalysts for cutting back on my hours so I can do homework with her every day after school. I will have plenty of time to work when she's in college ...

You really can design a your life just the way you want it. It may take some time, but with commitment, intention, support and flexibility it can be done! Of course, if you need support, I'm only a call or email away. Here's to a great year for you, this year and always.

Honorée Enterprises: Individual & Group Coaching and Training

Hello and welcome! 

Honorée Enterprises provides two specialized areas of professional and personal development for senior-level and service professionals. 

One-on-One Executive Coaching 
I offer the Honorée Method Coaching Program for senior-level service professionals who desire maximum achievement with minimal stress. My method is based on my fourteen years of coaching and corporate training experience, combined with my success as an entrepreneur, multiple business owner, and top producer. 

We can work together for a minimum of three 100-day sessions over the course of one year. Your coaching is customized and focuses entirely upon your goals and desired outcomes, complete with accountability and additional resources to supplement your professional development. All coaching takes place entirely by phone with agreed-upon work in-between calls. All calls and their contents are completely confidential. 

Investment: Inquire to me at Honoree {at} coachhonoree {dot} com

Note: You can also work with one of my certified coaches. They have been trained in the Honorée Method, and their fees are available upon request.

Group Coaching 
We offer the Honorée Method Coaching Program for groups of five or six complimentary service professionals: the ground-breaking Short-Term Massive Action (STMA) Group Coaching Program! We understand your desire to maximize your business, results, and profitability, which is entirely possible with the right structure and accountability.

The Program consists of 5-6 individuals who engage in group and individual coaching with two coaches {Group Coach and Individual Coach} over a period of 100-days. I created this Program from my work with over 5,000 professionals at all levels of experience. I have a 14-year track record as an executive coach, working with senior-level professionals and sales superstars as their mentor, coach, trainer, and confidant. In this program, I provide my proprietary time-proven recipe for individual and group effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.
The STMA 100-Day Coaching Program takes place in three segments: daily group coaching call (25 minutes) for the first three weeks to turn daily actions into habits, weekly group coaching for remainder of 100 days to keep all participants on track, and individual custom monthly coaching for deeper work as well as sharing targeted tools and strategies. 

The program consists of Four Points of Accountability, and these components ensure its effectiveness:
The Group Coach
The Group Coach provides the One-on-One Pre-Start Strategy Session with each participant, to enable each client to crystallize their initial vision and choose three concrete goals, move strategically chosen daily actions into habits, and utilize other strategies that will enable them to achieve their goals.

There are twenty-seven (27) Group Coach-Facilitated 25 minute group coaching sessions. 

The Individual Coach
Each participant receives three 50-minute customized coaching calls. These calls are currently provided by me and my certified Individual Coaches. Both coaches work closely together to maximize each individual coaching call. These calls are held during weeks 4, 8, and 12 of the Program. There are also three separate tools provided to maximize each individual's progress.
Peer Accountability & Strategic Partner Engagement
Participants will be working with their fellow group members to strategize ways to network, give and receive referrals, and stay on track.
The STMATM Dashboard
The STMATM Dashboard is a Strategic Planning tool used as a guiding star to ensure maximum productivity and progress. It allows for accountability to be transparent to both coaches and participant.

Full participation is virtually guaranteed, and this participation all but guarantees results! You have two options for forming a group:

  • Six individuals form a group within a company or firm. They could consist of those at the same level or across a practice area, division, or department. 
  • One individual forms a group of a total of six (6) professionals that are logical strategic partners (for example, a business attorney would find a CPA, banker, financial advisor, insurance provider, attorney in complimentary practice). 
Investment: Inquire. Please contact Joan Richardson at 214-422-3965 or Joan {at} CoachHonoree {dot} com for more information.

Customized Training: 
I’ve written and delivered inspirational, motivational and transformational content on time maximization, organization, networking, and business development to well over 100,000 professionals at all levels, in audiences of 5-2,500, since 1999. My customized training can take place in your offices, via webinars, or conference calls. 

My programs are highly interactive, fun and informative, with immediately applicable tips, tools, strategies and ideas, and range from 90 minutes to a full 7-hour day. 

I would love an opportunity to put my experience to work for you and your company. For more information or a customized proposal, please feel free to send me an email at Honoree {at} HonoreeCorder {dot} com, or contact my assistant Christina Culbertson at Christina {at} HonoreeCorder {dot} com.

Brand = Bank

With all of the "excitement" surrounding the financial markets, a lot of people are in a state of fear. One way out of fear is to have a brand that is recognizable, stands for something people believe in, and makes your way to new business easier. 

There are four key steps to creating a clear, powerful and effective brand:
  • Differentiation. What separates you from others who do what you do? Time in the business? A unique background in other industries? Your education and/or training? How do they know what makes you different? Do your letterhead, business card and other promotional materials reflect your expertise?
    How about your website? I recently had my website undergo a major overhaul. Click here to see it - you may notice its drastically different from my old one. In the 21st century your "storefront" is your website. Your potential clients do their research on you before they commit a dime - make sure what they find excellently represents your brand.
  • Emotion. It is said that buying decisions are based on emotions, and justified with logic. Ultimately it is someone's personal connection with you, not the actual product or service itself, that inspires or repels them. Make sure you and your brand inspire positive emotions.
  • Authenticity. We can feel, even if its just on an intuitive level, when someone is incongruent (the inside doesn't match the outside) and they aren't genuine, trustworthy or "bona-fide." It is a good idea to be real, be human, and be the best you can. Others know when you're pretending to be someone or something you're not, even if they don't say it to you (chances are they'll say it - but not to you!). They just won't hire you.
  • Relevancy. Being relevant is at an all-time high. With fear comes pulling back, hunkering down and being more prudent. You must prove what you're selling is relevant - and how specifically it is relevant. You must either solve a problem or give someone more of what they want. If your brand doesn't convey that, you won't go as far as you'd like.
Take the time to define your brand. Once done, your new feelings of power will empower you to take action, and thereby attract to you more of what you want, all while you're helping others get what they want. Sounds like win-win to me - and that's all good.

Networking Know-How #3: The Early Bird Gets the Sterling Reputation

Some of my best and most powerful conversations have happened at events where I arrived prior to the start time. The folks who are in the know that you need to know (i.e., the staff, speaker and hosts) get there well ahead of time - and you'll have an opportunity to make or re-make their acquaintance when you arrive in the window of time called "after the details are handled - before the people arrive."

As my southern husband would say, here's what you need to know to "get yourself situated:"
  • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early. You'll have the chance to catch your breath, bring down your heart rate, visit the loo, and grab a drink. You'll probably get a smokin' hot parking spot, too.
  • Speak to the host. Find out who is on the guest list, and ask if there's anyone you should meet.
  • Put your name tag on your left side. Paper name tags won't wrinkle and will be visible when you shake someone's hand.
  • Silence your cell phone. Vibrate is fine if you must stay connected (I'm a mom, I get it), and you want to avoid being rude. Excuse yourself before you check to see who's calling.
  • Smile (with teeth). Breathe. Have fun! The next person you meet could be just the person who changes the trajectory of your business forever.
Excerpted from Work the Room, my popular seminar for companies and organizations who want the networking edge in business. Is someone on your staff among the 95% of people who say they are shy and avoid networking at all costs? This seminar will change the way you and your staff feel about networking - and network in the future - in just 90 minutes. Email me for more information: honoree{at}coachhonoree{dot}com.

What's Your Expectation? Part Deux

The overwhelming and positive response to my blog yesterday has been heart-warming (thanks for reading!). Answers to your FAQs:
  1. Yes, I really did get married (8/8/08).
  2. The name of the company that sent the cool wine gift is:
    Select Wines LLC (914-835-6235/www.selectwinesllc.com).
    NOTE: Just spoke to Chris, one of the owners, and he is offering an additional 5% off any purchase of $100 or more. Put HONOREE in the comments section if you order online or just mention my name. Happy ordering and salut!
  3. While you're here, send me back a quick note telling me the coolest and most creative gift you've ever received. I'll compile a list for a future blog.
To Your Success! ~Coach H.

Networking Know-How #2: Pre-Event Preparation

The one crucial must-have for any networking event is business cards. In fact, its a great idea to have at least a dozen cards on you at any time.

Always keep them in a case until you’re ready to use them - making your case a conversation piece is even better. You want to avoid giving out a card that's bent, unclean or (horror!) has been written on. Visit the Executive Gift Shop for a nice assortment of cases. A nice business card case makes a lovely gift as well, especially for someone who has just joined a new company or been promoted.

At any event or in any situation, put your cards in one pocket and the cards you receive in another. You will avoid "card confusion" and the appearance of being disorganized and unprofessional.

If you don't have your business card, especially when someone asks for it, it simply lowers your credibility in the eyes of the person asking. Because I'm a giver, here's what you say when you're fresh out: "I've been more popular today than I anticipated. May I have your card and I will send you one of mine?" You will save face (mostly) and have the opportunity to impress your new contact with a follow-up note (handwritten, of course).

Super-Saver-Strategy: Put an extra box of cards in your car, just in case. I have a box in my home office, at my office and in my car. That way, when I run out, I have a few ways to replenish.

Excepted from Work the Room, my popular seminar for companies and organization who want the networking edge in business. Is someone on your staff among the 95% of people who say they are shy and avoid networking at all costs? This seminar will change the way you feel about networking - and network in the future - in just 90 minutes. Email me for more information: honoree{at}coachhonoree{dot}com.

Networking Know-How #1: Pre-Event Preparation

Before attending any event: open house, mixer, or party, there are a few must do's:
  • Give yourself these three descriptor words: Poised, Polished, Professional. You are judged instantaneously on your perceived income level, education and level of competence (think Blink! by Malcolm Gladwell). Remember the old axiom: Your never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you make a bad one, it will take many perfect meetings to overcome it!
  • Decide who you want to meet or see again. Left to chance, you may or may not "get lucky" and make a powerful connection that will result in revenue. Know who you want to meet in advance and seek them out.
  • Decide your purpose for attending the event. Being intentional in your actions - in advance - will eliminate networking for the sake of checking off boxes and help you to reach your goals ... sooner.
  • Speaking of goals ... give yourself one or two to achieve at the event. You may want to meet 10 new people and collect business cards, deepen a current relationship, or create new ones. Get clear to create clear results.
  • Craft a clear, concise, brief introduction. Try this: state your name, your company, who you serve and how you serve them. Here's mine: Honoree, Honoree Enterprises, I work with business owner-service providers to help them create and execute a strategic plan, while managing the day-to-day challenges of their businesses in the areas of new business development, stress, cash flow, employee management and time maximization. (Now you know my target market and perhaps someone came to mind. The same will happen for you and you may walk away with a new client and/or several potential clients.)
Next time, we'll continue with the one key item you must take with you. For $1 million in cash, be the first to tell me what it is and how to use it effectively.

Excepted with permission from Work the Room, my popular seminar for anyone who wants the networking edge in business. Are you or your staff among the 95% of people who say they are shy and avoid networking at all costs? This seminar will change the way you feel about networking in just 90 minutes. Email my COO Joan Richardson for more information: Joan{@}coachhonoree{dot}com.