All I Need to Know About Tenacity I'm Learning from My 10-Year-Old

My daughter Lexi came to me and asked if she could earn some money by selling my books, Tall Order! and The Successful Single Mom, and could she sell them door-to-door in our neighborhood. Thinking this would be a soon-forgotten (by her) request, I said "Sure!"

She immediately grabbed her cell phone and 5 copies of each book and set off down the street. Within five minutes she called and said she had sold her first $15 book, and since she didn't have change, she made $20. I told her she had about another hour and then she needed to come home for dinner by 7. At 7:07, I called to find out where she was. She told me she was talking to a lady named Melinda who was a single mom with two dogs and she was just getting to know her. She informed me she'd be home in about 10 minutes. When she returned home, she asked if she could go out again in the morning. She made $35, sold two books, and was so excited.

Today she and her friend spent about 2 hours, went to 25 houses, got 6 no's and 1 yes (and another $20). Rather than be discouraged, she put her money in a pile and declared herself successful. She had reached her first goal, she told me, of making $50.

Lexi & her $55

Her tenacity, enthusiasm and resilience have inspired me. I will no longer get discouraged by knocking on more doors than I'd like, or hearing no when I'd rather hear yes. I will take my cues from my inspirational 10-year-old and keep smiling, dialing, meeting and greeting. I hope you will, too.

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Honorée Corpron Corder said...

UPDATE: Lexi sold $200 worth of books in the first few days, and continue to try to sell them pretty much wherever we go. I've even had a few network marketers express sadness that she's not old enough to be recruited! To date, she's made almost $400. She would probably sell about 100 a day if I'd let her. She doesn't care if someone says no, she has little product knowledge, but it's her enthusiasm that makes all the difference. Kind of makes me think about my levels of enthusiasm!