Dealing with Nay-Sayers & Criticizers

As you rise to the top, go for your goals and achieve success, there will inevitably be those folks who have "input" for you. There's a saying I've heard: 
"The higher up the flag pole you rise, the more your ass sticks out." 
This is so true!

You can choose to play small and fit in, or you can go for it and along with that will come those who will say it can't be done or criticize your optimism and even your results! There are, indeed, those people who believe those who are rich and successful must have done something bad to reach their achievements.

Coach's note: You can't resent something someone else has and get more of it for yourself.

My mentors and coaches have given me some insight into dealing with these people, their thoughts and input:
  • Take time to ponder their words. Ask yourself if there's some validity to what they're saying. If there is, you may have some opportunity for improvement or adjustment. 
  • Another great question: "Do they live a life I aspire to?" If not, there's no need for further thought. For me, if I don't have high respect for the person who's criticizing me, I will most likely dismiss what they have to say.
  • Finally, if the person who has something to say hasn't taken the time to talk with you, get to know you and gather all the information they need to form an opinion, than their opinion is just that: their opinion and it is none of your business (and it should stay that way).
  • Sometimes what they have to say is all about them, their fears and insecurities, and has nothing to do with you. If someone can say something, get you to doubt yourself and play small, then they won't feel as uncomfortable. Have compassion, and love them just the same (from a safe distance, if you need to).
I, for one, know it's hard to hear anything less than "You're fantastic!" from everyone. The nicer you are, and the more you want to please people, the more you want to hear it. The simple fact is you won't hear it from everyone, and the more successful you become, the more critics you have. The best antidote to that is to have a small circle of close friends and family who cheer you on and want the best for you.

Here's to your amazing success!

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