Magnetize New Business, Part Three


I hope it's YOU that's up! This is the third installment of my "Magnetize More Business" series, and if you're implementing my suggestions, your wallet should be feeling a little thicker these days. Buy yourself a little something nice for all your hard work, and then settle in for next-level magnetism ...

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this 4-part series, I've discussed four keys for becoming irresistible to new clients and customers. These next two are force multipliers, meaning, they will accelerate your magnetism. Are you ready?

Key #5: Say What YOU Want. What you want in your life and business, and what you've actually got, may just not be the same thing. In fact, I'm going to bet they aren't at all the same. And, you may have all sorts of reasons about why this is so: the economy sucks, or the old, "I have to settle for what I can get, Coach" or even, "I'm lucky I even have anything." I'm going to throw a big BS up on the screen there Sparky, and say what you've got has everything to do with you and very little to do with anything else. You've got what you've got because (a) you haven't had the courage to ask for what you really want, and (b) you've settled for what you've been given. The most attractive people in the world are those who speak their minds, say what they want and how they want it {in a nice, respectful way, of course}. If you're tired of settling, and want something more, well, what is it exactly that you want? If you're charging $1000 for something worth $3,500, why are you doing that? Because you think people will only pay $1000? They will if that's what you ask for. Are you insuring Gremlins instead of Maseratis? That's because you're not asking the right questions of the right people. starting right there with yourself. Ultimately, you have to a-s-k to g-e-t ... but first, you've got to define exactly what you want and be determined not to settle for less. What you might not know is that affirmations work, and an affirmation is anything you say over and over (even if it's not in the affirmative). "I never have enough time" said over and over is an affirmation, but is that really what you want, to not have enough time? Of course not ... so instead say, "I always have enough time for what's important to me" and you will. This works with business, too ... "My clients happily pay my fee and constantly refer new clients to me." That's what we call an affirmation jingle, and it works like a charm. Don't believe me? Go ahead -- try to prove me wrong by saying it over and over for a week, and then let me know what happens. Bwahahaha ...
Key #6: Say What YOU Want {B}. Now that you know what you want in the first way I meant it, let's get clear on what you want in terms of communication and your connections. In other words, there are many ways to get information from family, friends, clients, customers and connections, but I'm going to guess you have your favorites. Some people love phone calls, other people loathe the phone. The best way to track me down is by texting me, the worst way is through Facebook Messages {I hardly ever see them}. I love a great phone call, but only during certain hours, the rest of the time you can send me an email {which I will do my best to respond to within 2 business days}. By all means, let the rest of the world in on your communication preferences ... you'll be easier to reach and a happier person. Happy people are magnetic! If you're never going to listen to your voicemail, change your out-going message with the best way to reach you, and keep your voicemail full so no new messages can be left. If email is a huge irritant, put an auto-responder about the best way to connect with you. Every possible means of communication is meant to make your life easier, and yet I see so many people complaining because their inboxes are overflowing and they are far behind in their responses. Make communication fun and effective for you, and in turn, you make yourself irresistible to others. Make sense?
Remember this: your life is really all about you ... and the happier you are, the more irresistible you become. Irresistible equals profitable. Got it?


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