"Brilliant Book" Review: Tribes, Seth Godin

Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us
by Seth Godin

Mr. Godin cranks out great books in scores. I've read almost all of his work, and this is the book that inspired me to take immediate action. I'm going to (continue to) create my own tribe and pass on his book.*

He defines a tribe as, "a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, or connected to an idea." We are all meant to be part of a tribe (or several). You are in a tribe if you have a shared interest and you communicate with others who have that same interest. You might be a Dead Head or use only Apple products. This resonates for me: I run with my iPod, talk on my iPhone, and work on my MacBook Pro. If there was an Apple car, I'd drive it!

Anyone in business should develop their own tribe, according to Seth. Not only does he make a strong argument for this, he tells you exactly how to do it. I am truly inspired and have already taken the first steps in my process. If you want to expand your company, business or practice, this book is truly leading-edge and will give you the edge as you move forward. You can order it here, and here's a link to his blog. Enjoy!

*If you want to a chance to read Tribes, now's your chance! Seth's call-to-action was to pass on his book. I have my copy (courtesy of my recent trip to Zappos.com) ready to give to an enthusiastic reader. Leave a comment on my blog here for your chance to receive my copy with my compliments.


Dida said...

Great idea! Is this perhaps the idea behind "Twibes" on Twitter? I can see a connection there. Would love to learn more.


Staci said...

This is great Honoree', I'm thinkin iTribe!

Stephanie said...

I appreciate the recommendation for a good read. You know I love to learn and grow!