Fire Yourself Up!

There are lots of opportunities for those who have a stash of cash ("cash is king") or lots of operating capital. But if you're not a big corporation with tons of extra cash in your coffers, or a small-to-medium sized business with six to twelve months of reserves, what is your next best move?

Great news: you have lots of opportunities, too! The first thing to do is get your head screwed on right! Said another way, give yourself a massive positive attitude adjustment. You win the game of success between your ears first! Once done, you will notice the opportunities that surround you.It isn't always easy, however, to put on a happy face when those around you are still talking about how real estate is down 40% and lots of companies are laying people off. (Newsflash: Lots of companies are growing and hiring!)

Attitude help:
You may not feel like it now, and that's ok. Just feel the fear, frustration and procrastination and do it anyway.

To your success!

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