Relationships make all the difference

I recently was hired to coach a group of attorneys for a large, prestigious firm. I'm pretty psyched about it - for a multitude of reasons. A main one being that it took just about two years to close the deal ... from the first handshake to receiving the FedEx with a check, it was 23 months and change. Why was I chosen over the many who "do what I do?" (Let's set aside the fact that my USP [unfair selling proposition] is a huge factor.) Because of the relationships I started and continued to develop over the past two years. Quick phone chats and check ins, emails, handwritten notes, in-office meetings, lunches and dinners ... all of these contributed to the end result: a nice-sized contract with a fantastic addition to my bank account.

The secret is consistent, intentional action coupled with genuine caring. There is a key ingredient I have noticed is missing in many a business deal - that the person doing the selling is purely transactional rather than relational ... which would make all the difference.

The relationship development cycle may take longer - but in the long run the relationships you develop can and will open doors that will increase your bottom line exponentially.

Go for it!