Sample Sunday: Tall Order! Chapter 1

The following is an excerpt from Tall Order! Master Strategies to Organize Your Life and Double Your Success in half the time.
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At my daughter’s karate school, her instructor repeats over and over: “Focus on the target!” Whatever stage of business you find yourself in, if you haven’t defined a clear precise vision up to this point, now is the time to create one.
Vision is what you see in your mind’s eye, not something you see externally. Do you go on a trip without knowing your destination? Of course not. The first master strategy is creating your vision. Personally, this is my favorite strategy. You will find it to be a most exciting strategy and big fun to put together.
At first, the process and outcomes of visioning may seem vague and intangible. But the long-term benefits are beneficial, substantial, and the results can be simply amazing.
Visioning breaks you out of boundary thinking. As you open your mind and your mind’s eye to new possibilities, you will begin to shed previous limitations.
Visioning provides continuity and avoids the stutter effect of planning fits and starts. Having a defined, clear vision that is reviewed often – I recommend daily – will help you avoid “New Year’s Eve Syndrome” … where goals are set, then forgotten in about two weeks (until the next New Year)!
Your vision automatically identifies your future direction and purpose. It grabs hold of your interest, strengthens your commitment and promotes laser-like focus. When there is a clear picture in your mind of where you’re going, it is always there, accessible -- readily available to pull you in the right direction.
Visioning encourages openness to unique and creative solutions. As you hold your clearly defined vision, the ways to make that vision happen become clear. Your subconscious mind works on your behalf to spot potential opportunities, prospects, and possibilities you might otherwise have missed.
Visioning promotes and builds confidence. Have you ever noticed how a person who has a purpose and a vision carries themselves in a certain way? They are positive, upbeat, and yes, confident. Your confidence is magnetic, attracting to you your clearly defined vision.
Coach’s Insight: You have already created in your life what you have previously held as a vision – even if you didn’t realize that’s what you were doing. Now is the time to use your subconscious mind through the use of this picturing tool to create what you truly desire, this time on purpose.
Think of vision as clear imagination – only now directed imagination … creating your future, one magical moment at a time.
Your Visioning Exercise
Start by daydreaming. Begin to imagine what your business and life would look like if time, energy, people, space and money were no object. What areas of your business need a clearer vision? How can your marketing, advertising, or customer service divisions be markedly improved? What areas of your life aren't working as well as you would like? Are you in an empowering relationship that is mutually-beneficial? Are you as strong, fit, financially sound, balanced and fulfilled as you wish to be?
Create an overall vision, then break your vision down into focus areas and create a unique vision for each of those areas. Begin by starting five to ten years in the future. Describe in vivid detail what your ideal day looks like. Include a description of your surroundings (office, employees, clients, family and friends). Now work backward from that vision. Describe what that vision looks like in six months, then three, and finally next week. Ask yourself, “What is my preferred future?” being sure to:
  • Draw on your beliefs, mission, and mental picture of your model environment.
  • Describe in detail what you want to see in the future.
  • Be specific to each area of your life.
  • Be positive and inspired.
  • Be open to massive changes!
Here are some questions to get you started creating your vision:
  • In your vision, what time does your day start? End?
  • Who is with you? Your success is determined in large part by the people you surround yourself with, and it is time to become clear about who you want to attract into your life in the future. We’ll address this more in Chapter 6.
  • What activities are included in your ideal day (exercise, meetings, phone calls, fun, meditation)?
  • What types of customers do you have? Create an ideal client list with at least 25 characteristics of the model client. Include everything from age, income, and attitude, to how they receive information and services from you and how often they refer new business to you.
  • Where is your office located? Do you have multiple locations? Do you work from home or in the office, or from both places? Be sure to include the type of equipment you work with, all those neat furnishings, plants, pictures, etc.
  • Do you have employees? How many?
  • What is your ideal living space? Where is it located? What do you drive?
  • Where do you vacation? With who? How often?
  • Define your friends and other significant relationships.
Brainstorm. Be specific. Be playful. Be creative. Make it the way you want it … after all, it’s your life!
Coach’s NOTE: It is important to put your vision in writing. There is power in the written word. Just the act of writing down what you want sets the creative process in motion.

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