So what. Now what?

There's always an opportunity to start over, begin again, make the change you want to make.

Sure, you may have procrastinated in the past, eaten too much and not exercised enough, failed to follow through, not finished that project ...

So what. Now what?

"Today is a new day and you get to decide what happens today and what happens next." ~Honoree Corder

You still have a mind, and the ability to choose your thoughts. You have the benefit of a truth that is: you are rewarded for hard, honest work. In just 21 days, you can have a new habit. You get to decide, so what are you ready to decide?

Maxwell Maltz, in Psychocybernetics, shared the philosophy of using your mind and habits to enable your automatic success mechanism. You can do that, starting today. The past is the past.

Begin again!

Now what?

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