Perfectly Creative Clients Gifts

Giving that perfect gift - the one that rocks the world of your client - can be a tough find. Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas that will keep you in their thoughts in the best possible way:
  • An illustrated children's book, autographed and signed by the author to your client's children (or grandchildren). My favorite is The Success of Robert Fitzgibbons, by Eric Blank.
  • Personalized stationary. In a perfect world we do business with our friends, and our friends send us personal notes on their personal stationary. No logos. No business cards. You can order high-quality notes at Crane's here in your client's favorite (or corporate) colors that they can use to raise the quality of their client relationships all year long.
  • Buy your client their name in the form of a personal domain ... www-dot-yourclientsname-dot-com at NetSol. Buy it for ten years, and direct them to my article on making sure when their name is Googled, their personal page comes up (and it can be directed to their corporate website).
  • Make a donation in their name to a charity like Kiva or Room to Read.
  • Red Envelope has a great selection of gifts in all price ranges - they come with a story and wrapped in a red box with a white satin bow. Here you can honor your clients affinity for a hobby (golf, tennis) or fine spirits or just finer things.

Remember to enjoy the process of sending your clients gifts. It really is the thought that counts.

Happy Shopping!

Get Paid* What You Are Worth!

The State Capitol of Texas

Are you getting paid every dime of what you’re worth? Would you like to be? Do you know how translate your experience, education and inherent knowledge into actual dollars in your bank account? Without exception, every single person wants more. Whether they allow themselves to ask for it – and accept it, is another thing entirely. If you’re reading this, I know you want more. Let me help you get it.

I meet so many incredibly talented people (you know who you are) who remain in the realm of fear – fear of speaking their truth. The truth about the value they add through their work. The truth about their contribution to the world and those they touch. This fear keeps them from experiencing the liberty they could savor if they owned their true worth. If they allowed themselves to step into their greatness, that could translate into their own personal riches. Sooner they can possibly imagine.

Coaching Case Study #1: A CPA client who was saving his clients millions of dollars … with paperwork he could complete in about 3 hours. His clients were benefitting from the savings – and paying just about $1,000.00 in fees. How much would you pay to save $1 million? Once I had him owning the fact that his clients would be, if billed correctly, paying for all of his years of education, experience and knowledge – and that there was no possible way they could save that $1 million without him, he then raised his fee – not without fear and trepidation, but he did so, nonetheless. His new fee was $75,000. Wouldn’t you pay $75,000 to save $1 million? I know I would, and I would joyfully write the check! So did his clients, without even batting an eye. They gladly paid his fee. Now, he gladly makes 75 times what he was making before.

Coaching Case Study #2: A life coach client who was charging $400 per month. Her clients were experiencing a high level of personal satisfaction, in turn they were experiencing professional success. Yet, her practice wasn’t full and she was frustrated with her own results. We did an exercise on the quantifiable results her clients were getting – how much more they were making by working with her and additionally, how much happier they were in general. When she saw the numbers, she couldn’t argue with her true worth – it was there in black and white. She immediately raised her fees to $750 per month, which allowed her to work with a more exclusive clientele, get the results they wanted and she got more of what she wanted, too.

Have you ever noticed that the more something costs, the more in demand it is? If you fly commercial, you know how much fun it is to stand in those long lines, take off half your clothing, have someone scrutinize the amount of shampoo you’re carrying, all while you’re paying for the privilege. Wouldn’t you rather fly private? Like on a G-5? (Me, too!) Do you think the folks at Gulfstream are flying people around at $39 each way because they’re afraid to ask full price for their jets? No way! They own it … so should you.

Coach’s Question: Where are you not asking for what you’re worth? With whom? What is the worst that could happen besides getting a “no?” Don’t let that fear stop you – go for the yes! Someone wants to say yes – they will pay you what you’re worth, do it gladly and you’ll both be delighted.

There are a few key adjustments you can make right now to start getting what you’re worth.

· If you want more, the first step is to own that you are worth more … just because you are alive, breathing, and on this planet. Period.

Oh yes, and then there's the fact that you have the education and experience to charge what you're worth. But I digress.

· Define your USP. Some call it the Unique Selling Proposition. I call it the “Unfair Selling Proposition.” It's unfair to your competition – because what you offer is fantastically and truly special and beneficial. Your USP is what you bring to the table – what people are getting when they hire you, the tangibles and intangibles. (Note: There is no competition when you understand who you are and what you offer.)

· Do a few case studies. Discover the actual value you are adding to others. The proof is there, just waiting to be discovered. It will help you step up into your power and new true worth.

· Stop making excuses and go for it! Step out of “stories and excuses” – making the argument that it is possible is just as effective as arguing its not possible. Make the argument for YES.

· Work on your beliefs. One powerful way to change your internal beliefs is through action. Do the thing you think you cannot do, that may yield the result you want (or help you get it). That act of doing will increase your confidence. Each act builds on the one before it. Before you know it, you expect more because you believe you deserve more. Sometimes you just have to swallow hard and take the first step – or make the first ask. It gets easier and easier. Pretty soon your bank account will reflect “the new way.”

I know that I know that I know this works, because I have done this process many times. Today is the day – now is the time – for you to begin to ask for what you want and get it! Go for it – I’ll be thrilled to hear about your great results.

*Coach’s Note: You can substitute the word “paid” with the words love, space, time, or anything else you are lacking.

A Great Reason to Work: QT with Lexi & Christmas Cookies

Cookie cutters in action ...

Focus makes them taste even better ...

The 12 seconds they were finished before we ate them!

Top 3 Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Clients

Relationship building and networking does not end with the contract being signed or a handshake. The key to success with current and future clients is following up.
Here are three ways to stay in touch and be remembered long after the initial encounter is over:
Send a handwritten note. The day after you meet a potential client, write them a note stating how much you enjoyed meeting him. Invite him to meet you for a breakfast or lunch so you can get to know each other better. When friendships form, business opportunities eventually develop. With your current clients, stay in touch with a note to say “hello,” “thanks for your recent business” or in my case, “Way to go!”
Send an inexpensive gift card. Most people love books or coffee. Send that potential client a gift card from Starbucks or a local book store. If you send Starbucks gift card, write a note that reads, “Thanks a “latte” for your time yesterday. I look forward to seeing you soon.”
Send an article of interest. During your conversation with a current or potential client, listen for clues about what interests her. For example, if she casually mentions that she is going to Italy for vacation or she enjoys a particular hobby such as mountain biking, scan newspapers, magazines or the Internet for interesting articles pertaining to her interest. Sending a handwritten note with the article enclosed is another way of putting your name in front of them. Besides, she may even respond to your gesture with a personal phone call or e-mail.

And the winner is ...

Annette Lanham!

Congrats on the Bootcamp, Annette ... look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

Be sure to send me your mailing information so I can send you the pre-Bootcamp documents.

San Francisco

I've run up to San Fran to close the deal with some new clients. Some of my suggestions for making your future travel effortless ...

Fly Virgin America! And be sure to upgrade to first class ... you'll love the service, the music (yes, the music!), and my personal fave: the massage chairs!

Ladies - you'll want to use the most fabulous luggage for your trip ... In the past I've used Brighton's beautiful 22" bag, which holds everything I need and fits in the overhead bin. All of their bags have separate plastic-lined compartments for dirty or wet items. There seems to be the perfect pocket for all of your special items. Fabulous!

If you want to go sans luggage, try shipping your stuff via UPS. They offer pick up service, including the ability to print your labels, automatic billing to your credit card - basically, hands-free service for everything you need when you travel. Your items can be ready and awaiting your arrival at your destination ... full-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner included! It eliminates the need to either carry-on all of your items or wait for baggage claim. So you take on the plane just your purse and/or laptop and ID. Definitely my new beloved way to travel!

My first official crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge. So beautiful, even on an overcast day.

The Great Rainmaker Bootcamp Giveaway

This month's "create-a-better-business" giveaway is a complimentary seat at my next Rainmaker Bootcamp for attorneys. It's just what your numbers* need and its just for you.

To enter the contest, leave a comment with your #1 goal for 2008. I will pick the winner Monday, December 3rd, at 9PM PST. Entries accepted until Monday at 8PM PST.

Check my entry (below) about the Bootcamp to find out what the Grads have to say and for the inspiration (information) you need to stop what you're doing right now and enter the contest!

Bootcamp Grads have a clear plan for creating just what they want out of their practices and their life. Perfect for the attorney who is ready to create their ideal practice -- and life. This Bootcamp seat also comes with a complimentary month of coaching with yours truly - just what you'll need to make sure your big plans become your big reality!

Be sure to bookmark this site for next month's giveaway. Good luck!

*originations, referrals, billings and bank account

Attorney Rainmaker Bootcamp - February 15, 2008

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. PST
Las Vegas, Nevada

Here are what a few recent graduates had to say about the Bootcamp:

"I recently attended Honorée Corpron's Rainmaker Bootcamp and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to succeed but thinks they don't have the time or the tools to get started. Honorée is a true professional whose program provides very busy people with proven strategies for getting the most out of life -- personally and professionally. If you want to excel in your chosen life path, give yourself over to Honorée and her Rainmaker Bootcamp. You won't regret it!"
-Anne M. Loraditch, LEWIS AND ROCA, LLP, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Bootcamp" is the perfect description for this seminar. Honorée quickly gets you into shape by having you focus on the best practices for rainmaking. Honorée is sharp, smart and motivating. Honorée and the "Bootcamp" are "must have" assets for any rainmaker. I just hope my competition doesn't attend this seminar … !”
-Sam Basile, Esq., Greenberg Traurig, Las Vegas, Nevada

"The Bootcamp was excellent! Very practical and logical advice. The procedures and structuring will ensure my success! You are my Jerry Maguire!
-Eric Johnson, Esq., Phoenix, Arizona

“Thank you so much for the extremely valuable information provided at the Rainmaker Bootcamp. I feel that I got a drink from a fire hydrant! You have lit a fire under me. In fact, I am already working on my business marketing plan, and have set my goals for the next one hundred days. I am truly excited about implementing the strategies you discussed. Thank you very much for providing this gold mine of information!
-Curtis W. Cannon, Esq., CPA, Stone Law Offices, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Honorée helped me realize the inextricable relationship between personal values and professional success. Honorée’s Rainmaking Bootcamp outlines methods essential for any attorney striving to develop a personal strategy for integrating the elements of clarity and efficiency in developing and maintaining lucrative clients. This course is a well-developed plan that any attorney can implement to enhance and sustain personal and professional growth. Honorée’s Rainmaking Bootcamp is engaging and essential for any attorney seeking to reinvigorate their rainmaking practices.”
-Jeff Quijano, Law Clerk/ Estate Planning Coordinator, STONE LAW OFFICES, LTD., Las Vegas, Nevada

How You Will Benefit
This informative Bootcamp provides complete exposure to the fundamentals of strategic practice development. Through lecture, exercises and practical application, you’ll gain a solid knowledge in the mechanics of practice development and management, including organizational, client, and time management, as well as critical marketing factors necessary for rainmaking success. In just one six-hour session you will discover, and create, your Personal Business Marketing Plan, 100-Day Action Plan and 30-Second Sound-bite and walk away with the tools and knowledge you need to ensure that all of your future choices are the ones that will drive you to your maximum potential and fantastic success.

What You Will Cover
· Set Yourself up for Success ~ How to define “the next level” for your business (and life) and use the right “systems” to get there.
· The First Law of Rainmaking ~ How rainmakers are made – they don’t just happen through blind luck.
· Its ALL About Attitude ~ To massively increase your success, you must have the right mindset. You’ll learn the mindset that works for the best in business – how to get it, how to keep it!
· Claim Marketing Advantages ~ Exactly seven critical steps you must take to market your business and create an unending stream of clients and referrals.
· Case Studies for Cash ~ Part the curtain on the six most effective strategies for building your reputation and credibility as an expert.
· Learn the Two Critical Plans ~ The Personal Business Plan and the 100-Day Plan ~ Utilize these time-tested plans to quickly double or triple your bottom line.
· Relationships = Revenue ~ At least four core secrets and strategies you can use today to bring in more than enough business for a lifetime.
· Super-Success ~ The strategies three of Honorée’s private coaching clients used to create a stampede of people rushing to hire them.
· Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes ~ Precisely seven huge mistakes most business folks make … and how you can instantly avoid them.

Who Should Attend: Attorneys beyond their third year of practice.

About the Instructor: Business Strategist, Author and Speaker Honorée Corpron is one of the world’s foremost experts on business strategy and practice development. She’s also a very active Executive Coach and over the last seven years she has worked with more than 5,000 business professionals at all levels, including C-suite executives in Fortune 100 and 500 companies, and more than 1,000 attorneys at all levels of practice.

Registration Fee:
Early Registration by December 31, 2007: $1295 or 2 for $2500
After January 1, 2008: $2500
Session limited to 12.

Ways to Register:
E-mail: with your Rainmaker Bootcamp Agreement attached in PDF
Fax: Rainmaker Bootcamp Agreement to 702.616.8645
Mail: Rainmaker Bootcamp Agreement to Honorée Corpron, 5836 S. Pecos Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89120

Honorée Corpron International provides two payment options for your convenience:
By check: Complete your Registration Form and mail with your personal or corporate check.
By credit card: You can bill the seminar to a corporate or personal MasterCard of Visa.

Please call at 1-702-353-5100 should you have any questions regarding our payment options.


There's been a lot about "giving" lately - from former President Bill Clinton's book Giving to Oprah's show on the same topic. This holiday, instead of the usual client gift, I pledged to do something to make the world a better place. On behalf of my clients, I made multiple micro loans to entrepreneurs in under-privileged nations. These entrepreneurs request a loans from Kiva ( so they open or finance new businesses to support themselves and their families.

Check out: for more information.

Once they have paid back their loans, I will be re-using that money to help other entrepreneurs. Once they’ve paid back their loans, I’ll re-use that money to help more entrepreneurs. And so on, and so on.

You can thank your clients for their business in 2007 in this most unique and thoughtful way -- and help in changing the world for the better!

Here’s to your continued success, prosperity and happiness.

Kiva - loans that change lives

Lexi posing and bowling.

Nicky & friends & super Mom Lauri Thompson.

A Visit with Santa

Lexi with Santa ... imagine - he's out before Thanksgiving so there were no children waiting to see him. The entire visit took 5 minutes. I love being a strategist!!
Denise Anthony, Eddie De Ochoa and Lexi enjoying a moment after dining at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

Lexi got a chef's hat, along with complimentary dessert ... its her very high cuteness factor!

All the cool features of Blogging

Testing my ability to execute blogging functions ...

Inspiration ∙ Motivation ∙ Transformation
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The Lexinator and her biggest fans

The girls at The Amp Salon at The Palms Hotel & Casino

Lexi and her "furry sister" Liza Minnelli

Delegate or Bust!

Regardless of someone’s position, I’ve noticed each and every person neglects to delegate the many simple and time-consuming tasks that are keeping them running from morning until night, while feeling ineffective and highly stressed.

Coach’s Insight: You won’t miss the money, you’ll always miss the time!

Here’s a simple tactic to help you get a handle on your time. It makes perfect sense to pay someone else $15 an hour to cut the grass (wash the car, clean the bathroom, make copies, run errands) if you can’t stand cutting the grass. This is especially true since you make far more than $15 per hour! I have uncovered many high-level CEOs actually making their own copies, sending faxes and going to the supply room for more paper clips!

The solution to making a long-term shift in how you execute your day (especially if, right now, you’re not in agreement with me) is to do some simple math. You make $200 per hour for your services – divided by 60 minutes, making each and every minute worth $3.33. Your assistant makes $18 per hour, or 30 cents per minute. The same five minutes you’re making copies (costing you $16.65) instead of asking your assistant to do it ($1.50) is wasting $15.15. Not a big number, right? This is, I’m sure, the amount of loose change in your car. Stay with me. Waste five minutes every hour, eight hours a day, all year and you’ve wasted …$30,300. Or just about what you’re paying your assistant.What!? You don’t have an assistant? I’ll address that in a future blog …Its your assistant’s job to … um, assist you! If you take a moment to reflect on each and every task you’re doing, I would guess a number of them include activities you could delegate to someone else. I’ve discovered the lion’s share of executives are wasting about 30-40% of their time. How about you?

Spend fifteen minutes making a list of all of the tasks you’re doing that your assistant can do (so you can focus on revenue generation) and immediately begin to delegate those tasks. The question to ask yourself is: “Do I need to do this or can someone else do it?” Trust me, in the long run, you won’t miss the money. You will be so glad you’re no longer doing those tasks -- you’ll be more effective and efficient, which means you’ll make much more money (and have the time to enjoy it!).

Happy Birthday to Me!

I've always said my birthday is a national holiday. This one was no exception ... it sure felt like a holiday when I got this fantastic dessert at Spago's in the Forum Shops at Caesar's Las Vegas.

Then we went to Mon Ami Gabi with my peeps (Lexi and Paula Braxton) ... and there was more!

All of it courtesy of Matt Donaldson (right), with Dave Braxton. Thanks, Matt! You're a star!