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Are you getting paid every dime of what you’re worth? Would you like to be? Do you know how translate your experience, education and inherent knowledge into actual dollars in your bank account? Without exception, every single person wants more. Whether they allow themselves to ask for it – and accept it, is another thing entirely. If you’re reading this, I know you want more. Let me help you get it.

I meet so many incredibly talented people (you know who you are) who remain in the realm of fear – fear of speaking their truth. The truth about the value they add through their work. The truth about their contribution to the world and those they touch. This fear keeps them from experiencing the liberty they could savor if they owned their true worth. If they allowed themselves to step into their greatness, that could translate into their own personal riches. Sooner they can possibly imagine.

Coaching Case Study #1: A CPA client who was saving his clients millions of dollars … with paperwork he could complete in about 3 hours. His clients were benefitting from the savings – and paying just about $1,000.00 in fees. How much would you pay to save $1 million? Once I had him owning the fact that his clients would be, if billed correctly, paying for all of his years of education, experience and knowledge – and that there was no possible way they could save that $1 million without him, he then raised his fee – not without fear and trepidation, but he did so, nonetheless. His new fee was $75,000. Wouldn’t you pay $75,000 to save $1 million? I know I would, and I would joyfully write the check! So did his clients, without even batting an eye. They gladly paid his fee. Now, he gladly makes 75 times what he was making before.

Coaching Case Study #2: A life coach client who was charging $400 per month. Her clients were experiencing a high level of personal satisfaction, in turn they were experiencing professional success. Yet, her practice wasn’t full and she was frustrated with her own results. We did an exercise on the quantifiable results her clients were getting – how much more they were making by working with her and additionally, how much happier they were in general. When she saw the numbers, she couldn’t argue with her true worth – it was there in black and white. She immediately raised her fees to $750 per month, which allowed her to work with a more exclusive clientele, get the results they wanted and she got more of what she wanted, too.

Have you ever noticed that the more something costs, the more in demand it is? If you fly commercial, you know how much fun it is to stand in those long lines, take off half your clothing, have someone scrutinize the amount of shampoo you’re carrying, all while you’re paying for the privilege. Wouldn’t you rather fly private? Like on a G-5? (Me, too!) Do you think the folks at Gulfstream are flying people around at $39 each way because they’re afraid to ask full price for their jets? No way! They own it … so should you.

Coach’s Question: Where are you not asking for what you’re worth? With whom? What is the worst that could happen besides getting a “no?” Don’t let that fear stop you – go for the yes! Someone wants to say yes – they will pay you what you’re worth, do it gladly and you’ll both be delighted.

There are a few key adjustments you can make right now to start getting what you’re worth.

· If you want more, the first step is to own that you are worth more … just because you are alive, breathing, and on this planet. Period.

Oh yes, and then there's the fact that you have the education and experience to charge what you're worth. But I digress.

· Define your USP. Some call it the Unique Selling Proposition. I call it the “Unfair Selling Proposition.” It's unfair to your competition – because what you offer is fantastically and truly special and beneficial. Your USP is what you bring to the table – what people are getting when they hire you, the tangibles and intangibles. (Note: There is no competition when you understand who you are and what you offer.)

· Do a few case studies. Discover the actual value you are adding to others. The proof is there, just waiting to be discovered. It will help you step up into your power and new true worth.

· Stop making excuses and go for it! Step out of “stories and excuses” – making the argument that it is possible is just as effective as arguing its not possible. Make the argument for YES.

· Work on your beliefs. One powerful way to change your internal beliefs is through action. Do the thing you think you cannot do, that may yield the result you want (or help you get it). That act of doing will increase your confidence. Each act builds on the one before it. Before you know it, you expect more because you believe you deserve more. Sometimes you just have to swallow hard and take the first step – or make the first ask. It gets easier and easier. Pretty soon your bank account will reflect “the new way.”

I know that I know that I know this works, because I have done this process many times. Today is the day – now is the time – for you to begin to ask for what you want and get it! Go for it – I’ll be thrilled to hear about your great results.

*Coach’s Note: You can substitute the word “paid” with the words love, space, time, or anything else you are lacking.

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