San Francisco

I've run up to San Fran to close the deal with some new clients. Some of my suggestions for making your future travel effortless ...

Fly Virgin America! And be sure to upgrade to first class ... you'll love the service, the music (yes, the music!), and my personal fave: the massage chairs!

Ladies - you'll want to use the most fabulous luggage for your trip ... In the past I've used Brighton's beautiful 22" bag, which holds everything I need and fits in the overhead bin. All of their bags have separate plastic-lined compartments for dirty or wet items. There seems to be the perfect pocket for all of your special items. Fabulous!

If you want to go sans luggage, try shipping your stuff via UPS. They offer pick up service, including the ability to print your labels, automatic billing to your credit card - basically, hands-free service for everything you need when you travel. Your items can be ready and awaiting your arrival at your destination ... full-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner included! It eliminates the need to either carry-on all of your items or wait for baggage claim. So you take on the plane just your purse and/or laptop and ID. Definitely my new beloved way to travel!

My first official crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge. So beautiful, even on an overcast day.

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