Make Next Week Your Most Productive Week Ever!*

“We all have the same 24-hours each day. The difference between your future success or failure
is up to you, your attitude and where you focus your time.” ~Honorée Corder

Multiplier Time-Leveraging Strategy: One weekly planning hour equals 200%+ increased ability and success.
I advise my clients to spend at least one hour on Friday afternoon or over the weekend to create their Weekly Plan. This strategy allows you to block time for the people, things and events most important to you – ahead of time.
Perhaps you’ve seen the time management demonstration including large rocks, small pebbles, sand, and water – all meant to be put into a jar. Each element represents items on your to do list, in order of importance. When you put the water in first, try putting in sand and see what happens. The water comes out. Fill it up with sand, the pebbles and rocks don’t stand a chance.
The most effective way to put all four elements in is in this order: rocks (the most important things in your life and business), pebbles (the next most important items), sand (items with no urgency at all), and water (least important stuff to do, delegate or discard). Amazingly, these four elements will all fit into your “time jar” –when you start with the largest (most important) items first. If some of the smaller elements don’t fit or go by the wayside, it just doesn’t matter as much.
How does this translate to your life and business? Schedule in advance the most important things you want to accomplish, as they relate to your long-term goals. Block the time out and don’t let anything change your focus.
Anything, you say? Yes, anything!
I call it “brain surgery time.” Here’s the analogy: five minutes from now you fall to the floor, unconscious. After being rushed to the emergency room, doctors run tests and determine you need brain surgery.
Good news! The most respected and highly skilled brain surgeon in the world is available to work on you (and miraculously, he’s covered by your insurance). He’s available tomorrow from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. to complete the five hours of surgery necessary to save your life. Can you think of any reason you would miss the opportunity to have him do your surgery? Of course not!
When you schedule time to do what needs to be done, time working on your business, quality time with your family, your kids, and yourself, you must treat it like “brain surgery time.” Of course you can be flexible – and you can also learn to stay focused on what is truly important.
Schedule an hour each week to do your planning. Turn off the phones, pagers, cell phones, email and television. Block out time for what’s most important.
Ask yourself:
  • Who needs to hear from you (customers, vendors, potential business, prospects, business partners, investors)? Remember your 100-Day Plan.
  • Who needs to see you (family, friends, and perhaps you need a little time with yourself)?
  • What needs to be done, organized, planned, and executed?
Using these two time-multiplier strategies will produce a huge difference right away. Your productivity will skyrocket to more than double what it’s been in the past. You’ll also be energized by all you’ve accomplished, including the non-business related items.
Don't let time slip away - take control today by creating next week, on your calendar, before you leave your office today. Next week's results will rock you!

*Until the week after next.

Honorée turns service providers into rainmakers, average producers into rock-stars, and dreams into reality. For more information on how she can specifically help you or your organization, click here.

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