Success & the Single Mom

Success & the Single Mom
Your 100-Day Action Coaching Program for Creating the Life You Want – Now!

Whether you are a single mom by chance or by choice, have you wondered what would have to happen in order for you to “get your groove back” … to feel healthy, centered and even optimistic again? During and after my divorce, I asked myself the questions: How do I raise a healthy, happy, well-adjusted child? How do I run a business, eliminate financial stress and feel like I am fulfilling my purpose for being on this planet? How do I heal myself and open myself up to a new love?

You have perhaps been struggling with the basic challenges every single mom faces – feeling helpless, overwhelmed or even depressed, having a lack of support, getting it all done and getting some sleep, balancing your personal and professional life -- and there are, of course, many others.

If the questions and challenges above resonate with you, perhaps this Program is just what you need to uncover your true self and unleash what’s truly possible for you, your children and your future.

For a select group, I’ve created the 100-Day Action GROUP Coaching Program for Single Moms to help you get – and stay – on your path to future success. This Program is for a specific woman: one who is a single mom, who wants to regain her sense of self, sanity and a higher self-esteem, who wants to jump-start her momentum and create success, balance and fulfillment in every area of her life … and she wants it the sooner the better. If this is you or someone you know, keep reading (and pass it on)!

I know this Program works because it is one that I used personally during my separation and divorce six years ago. My life now is truly wonderful and was created – mentally first – several years ago as I discovered the tools, strategies and processes I am now sharing through this Program.

The Program will help you to:
1. Identify your Point A – where you are now, and your Point B – where you want to go and the results you want to create. With this clarity, you will move more effortlessly forward toward your dreams and goals.
2. Raise your self-esteem.
3. Help you to create the support system you need.
4. Get you out of your own way.
5. Help you identify ways to work smarter, not harder.
6. Create unstoppable momentum, more life balance, more business and more money than ever before (and you ever thought possible!), and more time with your children.
7. Get and stay on track.
8. Maintain integrity, balance and fulfillment.
9. Become the fabulous woman you know you are already!
10. Be the mom you are meant to be.

Here’s how it works:

We will have 8 (eight) group coaching sessions over the course of 100 days:
1. Day 1 of 100: A group, in-person session with all participants. We’ll review your goals and desired outcomes, including your shiny new 100-Day Action Plan, and we’ll discuss your current challenges and how to navigate them.
2. Six (6) pre-scheduled group calls.
3. Session 8, Day 100 of 100 – Review of the past 100 Days.

You will be assigned to and work with a buddy for additional support and to stay on track!

Investment: This Program is provided at no cost. (Future programs will be priced at $497 per person.) In return, you commit to attend each session, do each and every homework assignment and allow me to use you as a case study in my upcoming book, Success and the Single Mom.

Class limited to 24 people.

To be considered for participation, take our survey here prior to June 3rd.

For more information, contact me at or 702.353.5100.

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