Shortening the Sales Cycle

Do you need clients now? I am in conversation with many professionals who, in this challenging market, desire to expand their client base in the immediate future. The rub is that closing the deal can take time. Here are a few tips for shortening the cycle and getting to "yes" faster.
  • Identify your ideal client. Spend 15-30 minutes to clarify the positive qualities and characteristics of exactly who you want to work with going forward. Start with things like, "they allow me to do my job, they pay my bill (gladly), they refer new business to me, they are fun and easy to work with." You may also wish to determine ideal age, profession, etc.
  • Look for the low-hanging fruit. Who has said, in the immediate or even long-range past they would be interested in your products or services? Could you be providing more services to your existing clients? Would other members of your office or firm have clients you could do work for? Make a Master Contact List and reach out systematically, consistently, and with intention - schedule a lunch, coffee or in-office meeting to discuss the possibilities.
  • Create a business by referral. The easiest business to close quickly is the client that's been teed up and is ready to press the "go" button. What professionals interface with your ideal potential clients? You need to closely align yourself with those who offer ancillary services to yours and are not in competition with you. You can create relationships that yield fast, effective results based on the principle of win-win.
  • ASK. As Mark Victor Hansen says, you must a-s-k to g-e-t. If you're one of my many clients who has "nice person's disease" you may not want to be a "bother." The truth is, you offer valuable services and products (this is a given) and when you truly believe other's lives are better when they use them, you're doing them a disservice by not offering!
Coach's note: There are individuals selling the services you offer and the products you sell - right now. There is plenty of business being transacted, no matter what the state of the market. That individual might as well be you.

Go for it!

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