PUT Yourself in a Great Mood

Are you in a great, fantastic, on-fire mood today? Maybe this is a better question: when was the last time you were in such a good mood people wondered what you were up to - and wanted to be around you?

If you're like most people, you leave your mood to chance. I'm going to challenge the notion that your mood is dependent upon external factors (its not), and give you a helpful insight: your mood, each and every day, is up to you. Better still, you can wake up happy and excited every day, regardless of what's happening around you.

Start here: decide to be in a great mood (almost) all the time. (We are all human, of course!) Then do this: watch, read and listen to shows, books and music (or radio shows, motivational programs and podcasts) that inspire you, challenge you to expand your thinking and fire you up!

I have a close friend who has literally lost everything, spent time in a homeless shelter with her son, has a ton of debt, now lives with her parents in their spare bedroom (with her son), yet she's so excited about life and the future I can't get enough of her! She's decided to be in a great mood, and she's on a diet from anything that makes her feel down, less than or just plain bad. Now if she can do it, so can you!

While you're popping a tootsie roll this fantastic Halloween Holiday, contemplate your mood and what you can do to give it an upgrade ... then do it! (Watch what happens, and trust me, its going to be amazing!)

Happy Halloween!

Creative Client Gifts for this Holiday Season

Santa Clause is coming to town!

We're almost to the holiday season ... and every year I sit back and watch people stress because they have "so much to do, so little time." (This can be quite entertaining, especially if your shopping is already complete.) Giving that perfect gift - the one that rocks the world of your client - can be a tough find, and can be quite time consuming. Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas that will keep you in their thoughts in the best possible way:
  • An illustrated children's book, autographed and signed by the author to your client's children (or grandchildren), or a copy of your favorite book, signed by the author. As an author, I happily "autograph" my books and every author I know is the same way.
  • Personalized stationary. In a perfect world we do business with our friends, and our friends send us personal notes on their personal stationary. No logos. No business cards. You can order high-quality notes at Crane's here in your client's favorite (or corporate) colors that they can use to raise the quality of their client relationships all year long.
  • Buy your client their name -- or their children's name or family name -- in the form of a personal domain ... www-dot-yourclientsname-dot-com from the nice folks (including my husband) over at AdWest Media. They can even build a simple website for you, too, as part of the gift. Buy the domain name for ten years, and direct them to my article on making sure when their name is Googled, their personal page comes up (and it can be directed to their corporate website).
  • Make a donation in their name to a charity like Kiva or Room to Read.
  • Red Envelope has a great selection of gifts in all price ranges - they come with a story and wrapped in a red box with a white satin bow. Here you can honor your clients affinity for a hobby (golf, tennis) or fine spirits or just finer things.
  • You can get flash drives with your client's logos and information. Reach out if you'd like the name of a gal who does a fantastic job, at a reasonable price, in about two weeks!
  • You could also host a luncheon and invite three or more people that are your client's ideal clients, give them a spa day (including massage, for stress relief), gift their family with a few days at Disneyland, or a couple's weekend in a great city like San Francisco.

The amount you invest in your gift should be commensurate to the amount of revenue your client brings to your business all year - and you'll also want to figure in the lifetime value of your client as well. Having said that, when you put real thought into your gifts, that thought is remembered long after the gift is gone, eaten or used up -- even if it is a $5 Starbucks gift card in a card home-made by your children. Remember to enjoy the process of giving or sending your clients gifts - and that you can't out-give, so whatever you give will come back to you multiplied.

Happy Shopping!

It's Go Time!

I am having a ball doing business development right now, and have been the last few weeks. Its also a common theme in my coaching practice - my clients are gleeful with anticipation of what's to come over the next few months. Why? Because our actions are based on a plan. Taking action creates positive emotion, and positive emotion combined with action creates terrific results.

Coach's Note: If you're experiencing fear about the future, even a little tiny bit of doubt, a compelling plan with detailed action steps that you are focused on and daily executing will eliminate that fear. When you're meeting with a potential client, you don't have time for fear. When you're making calls, working on a project, or actually providing your services, again - no time for fear. Get into action, the sooner the better.

Most people wait until they want momentum to start creating it. Here's something that might make sense to you, though - it takes awhile to get into momentum. If you want momentum after the first of the year, NOW is exactly the right time to create your guerrilla marketing plan. By the time you see today's date next year on your calendar, you'll be well on your way to creating even better results than in the beginning of this year. 

Bonus: Your phone will be ringing off the hook because of the marketing you're doing now. That will create the new challenge of managing your time - but I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

Coach's Questions: 

  • What are you doing now to ensure this year is going to be your best year on record? 
  • How would you feel if, this year, you doubled your income from any previous year you've ever been in business? 
  • Wouldn't that be fantastic, especially if you did it without the stress of past years?

There are systems and strategies available to eradicate the challenges the occur and recur in your business. You won't be shocked, and the skeptics will even laugh out loud (I know who you are), that my suggestion to you is get a coach, create a plan and work that plan.

Go for it! Your future is up to you, and I know it's going to be fabulous!

Will You Become the Next Millionaire?

Someone reminded me this morning that more millionaires are made during tough economic times than in more prosperous times. How much of what you think, say or do goes into your becoming a millionaire? No, this is not a trick question ... its literally 100% up to you. But, Honoree, you say, how? How can I stack the deck in my favor and get that particular fantastic result, when all I'm hearing is that soon I will be living in my car? There are three crucial mental steps that will precede your success:
  • Choice. Choose to be successful, as you define success. Your choices ultimately decide your results. If you choose to listen to and believe the news, the naysayers and doom predictors, then you should then continue to worry about your future because honestly it just won't be that great. Choice produces results - and my choice is to not participate in any recession or depression. What's your choice?
  • Intention. The formula for results is 100% intention, 0% mechanism. Once you intend something to happen, it will. Make the choice to intend what you want to have happen. The positive results will astound you! I am intending new clients, new business, new projects and new opportunities. What's your intention?
  • Commitment. What are you committed to? I've said it before: 99% commitment sucks, 100% commitment ROCKS. Commit to your plan, your goals, your choices 100% (or more). I am committed to MSH (making sh*t happen), executing my plan and reaching my goals. What's your commitment?
There are several more important predictors for your success: how you manage your time (be ruthlessly discriminating about how you "spend" it), who has your ear (listen to people who are predicting great things, and take a news vacation), and your support team (have a coach, mentor and several other folks who think you're just fabulous to call in moments you need a boost of energy, enthusiasm, accountability, tips and strategies).

Its up to you. You can do it. Go for it!

It's A New Season. Are You Bundled Up Yet?

Its gotten quite chilly - and I don't mean outside! Our economy has clearly transitioned into winter, and that means there's more fear and panic than we've seen in quite some time. I've got a few suggestions that will help you control your attitude and emotions during this challenging time:
  • Decide whatever happens won't beat you. You will survive. You will thrive. You will triumph. Period.
  • Get physical. Go for a run - or a walk - just get moving! Fear is in your body and when you rev up your adrenaline, you release your nervous energy and feel more in control.
  • Watch what you watch, read and listen to. Stay informed yes, but being inundated does you no good! No sense in having CNN on 24/7. Everyone talking hard times and lack only fuels any insecurities you may have. Instead, visit www.mindmovies.com or read something positive, like the classic The Power of Positive Thinking by the Rev. Norman Vincent Peale. Good stuff in equals good stuff out.
  • Look for and capitalize on opportunities. There is low hanging fruit that you might be missing. Is there someone you need to call? Email? Visit? Have you made your best client feel spectacular lately (today)? Will you look back on this time and shake your head at the amazing opportunities you missed? Get moving and you won't have time to worry.
  • To market, to market! Now is the time to market your products and services, define your USP and make sure everyone knows what sets you apart.
  • Create and execute a plan. Success is a numbers game, you have to play to win. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Put together a solid plan and then put one foot in front of the other executing that plan! For a complimentary copy of my 100-Day Action Plan, send me an email with 100-Day Plan in the subject line.
  • Give to others. Without question, the readers of this Blog are among the lucky. You may or may not be flush with cash - yet there are many others who face challenges much greater. Reach out and help ... you'll be glad you did.
It may get colder before we see Spring - and Spring will come before we know it. Dig deep and go for it!

Dogs & Children Have the Right Idea

"The early bird gets the worm." "He who hesitates is lost." You've heard these quotes and many others, I'm sure, in your quest for success. Did you take them to heart?

Sophie is a 2-year-old puppy that's been hanging out in our office the last couple of weeks. Every day we eat lunch at the conference room table, she sits patiently under the table, waiting with anticipation for what's going to be coming her way (either on purpose or by accident). Looking at her sweet face, she's all smiles and wagging her tale. She's r-e-a-d-y.

Lexi is my 8 1/2 year old daughter. She's cornered the market on "ask until ..." and getting what she wants by making sure what she wants comes her way in a timely manner. She's excellent at reminding me when I forget (or "forget"). "Mom, do you remember that you said I could eat those M&Ms after lunch?" "Yes, Lexi." "Well, its after lunch. Can I go ahead and eat them?"

Both Sophie and Lexi have a way of capitalizing on opportunities and getting results in a way that beats the pants off of most adults. Here's your reminder to capitalize on opportunities - be ready, be patient and ask until ...