It's Go Time!

I am having a ball doing business development right now, and have been the last few weeks. Its also a common theme in my coaching practice - my clients are gleeful with anticipation of what's to come over the next few months. Why? Because our actions are based on a plan. Taking action creates positive emotion, and positive emotion combined with action creates terrific results.

Coach's Note: If you're experiencing fear about the future, even a little tiny bit of doubt, a compelling plan with detailed action steps that you are focused on and daily executing will eliminate that fear. When you're meeting with a potential client, you don't have time for fear. When you're making calls, working on a project, or actually providing your services, again - no time for fear. Get into action, the sooner the better.

Most people wait until they want momentum to start creating it. Here's something that might make sense to you, though - it takes awhile to get into momentum. If you want momentum after the first of the year, NOW is exactly the right time to create your guerrilla marketing plan. By the time you see today's date next year on your calendar, you'll be well on your way to creating even better results than in the beginning of this year. 

Bonus: Your phone will be ringing off the hook because of the marketing you're doing now. That will create the new challenge of managing your time - but I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

Coach's Questions: 

  • What are you doing now to ensure this year is going to be your best year on record? 
  • How would you feel if, this year, you doubled your income from any previous year you've ever been in business? 
  • Wouldn't that be fantastic, especially if you did it without the stress of past years?

There are systems and strategies available to eradicate the challenges the occur and recur in your business. You won't be shocked, and the skeptics will even laugh out loud (I know who you are), that my suggestion to you is get a coach, create a plan and work that plan.

Go for it! Your future is up to you, and I know it's going to be fabulous!

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