Dogs & Children Have the Right Idea

"The early bird gets the worm." "He who hesitates is lost." You've heard these quotes and many others, I'm sure, in your quest for success. Did you take them to heart?

Sophie is a 2-year-old puppy that's been hanging out in our office the last couple of weeks. Every day we eat lunch at the conference room table, she sits patiently under the table, waiting with anticipation for what's going to be coming her way (either on purpose or by accident). Looking at her sweet face, she's all smiles and wagging her tale. She's r-e-a-d-y.

Lexi is my 8 1/2 year old daughter. She's cornered the market on "ask until ..." and getting what she wants by making sure what she wants comes her way in a timely manner. She's excellent at reminding me when I forget (or "forget"). "Mom, do you remember that you said I could eat those M&Ms after lunch?" "Yes, Lexi." "Well, its after lunch. Can I go ahead and eat them?"

Both Sophie and Lexi have a way of capitalizing on opportunities and getting results in a way that beats the pants off of most adults. Here's your reminder to capitalize on opportunities - be ready, be patient and ask until ...

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The Courage Crafters said...

This is so true. Many people say, "when opportunity knocks" - well these guys know opportunity doesn't knock very often; most of the time you've got to be at the door making it happen rather than waiting for the knock! Lexi makes it happen!