Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The ideal business situation is one that allows us to do business with our friends: people we know, like and trust. That includes patronizing companies and businesses that know us when we walk in the door, greet us by name and give us extra-special treatment. When you're looking to do business over lunch or dinner, its imperative you have a few places you "own" ... where they know you, what you like, and go the extra mile to create the ideal environment for your critical conversations. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • The Stirling Club. Truly a gorgeous oasis of luxury - this private club offers amenities that are invaluable when courting clients. They know each member by name and offer fantastic service. They have private rooms that allow their members to hold events or just private conversations, as well as a spa and pool for casual entertaining. Kathleen Gustafson can get you started, whenever you're ready.
  • Spago at The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. GM Oded Talmor has become a good friend who always greets me with a hug, puts me at "my" table, sends over a little something extra and makes me feel like the most important guest of the day.
  • Verandah Room at The Four Seasons. If we must do business, why not do it at a place where we can be treated to yummy food, while sitting by the pool (we can at least pretend we live a life of leisure, yes?).
  • Louis's. The site of my first date and engagement (as well as several business lunches and dinners) is one I'm quite fond of ... We had a small dinner for out-of-town guests the night after the wedding - and Robert and his team gave us the surprise gift of the most delicious wedding cake, handmade by their chef ... and personal service above and beyond. Its southern food, so ya'll get down there as soon as you can.
Of course, there are my beloved non-food businesses:
  • BMW of Las Vegas. They always take great care of me, have a loaner at the ready and they even serve Krispy Kreme! I almost switched to Mercedes two years ago - then realized the level of service I was used to would take years to get ... and I got another Bimmer. Ask for Mike or Chis and tell 'em I sent ya.
  • Grin & Bear It. My aesthetician Nicole Mares is by far the best ... she solved my skin care challenges and is simply a miracle worker. She's booked far in advance, so call her soon: 702.301.4983.
I'm sure you go to places that make you feel like you matter, and you go to them again and again. To create more relationships like these, show up, repeatedly, learn the names of the staff, and be friendly and easy to serve. The added bonus is you will always be able to rely on great service and have a plethora of companies to recommend.

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