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Honorée Enterprises provides two specialized areas of professional and personal development for senior-level and service professionals. 

One-on-One Executive Coaching 
I offer the Honorée Method Coaching Program for senior-level service professionals who desire maximum achievement with minimal stress. My method is based on my fourteen years of coaching and corporate training experience, combined with my success as an entrepreneur, multiple business owner, and top producer. 

We can work together for a minimum of three 100-day sessions over the course of one year. Your coaching is customized and focuses entirely upon your goals and desired outcomes, complete with accountability and additional resources to supplement your professional development. All coaching takes place entirely by phone with agreed-upon work in-between calls. All calls and their contents are completely confidential. 

Investment: Inquire to me at Honoree {at} coachhonoree {dot} com

Note: You can also work with one of my certified coaches. They have been trained in the Honorée Method, and their fees are available upon request.

Group Coaching 
We offer the Honorée Method Coaching Program for groups of five or six complimentary service professionals: the ground-breaking Short-Term Massive Action (STMA) Group Coaching Program! We understand your desire to maximize your business, results, and profitability, which is entirely possible with the right structure and accountability.

The Program consists of 5-6 individuals who engage in group and individual coaching with two coaches {Group Coach and Individual Coach} over a period of 100-days. I created this Program from my work with over 5,000 professionals at all levels of experience. I have a 14-year track record as an executive coach, working with senior-level professionals and sales superstars as their mentor, coach, trainer, and confidant. In this program, I provide my proprietary time-proven recipe for individual and group effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.
The STMA 100-Day Coaching Program takes place in three segments: daily group coaching call (25 minutes) for the first three weeks to turn daily actions into habits, weekly group coaching for remainder of 100 days to keep all participants on track, and individual custom monthly coaching for deeper work as well as sharing targeted tools and strategies. 

The program consists of Four Points of Accountability, and these components ensure its effectiveness:
The Group Coach
The Group Coach provides the One-on-One Pre-Start Strategy Session with each participant, to enable each client to crystallize their initial vision and choose three concrete goals, move strategically chosen daily actions into habits, and utilize other strategies that will enable them to achieve their goals.

There are twenty-seven (27) Group Coach-Facilitated 25 minute group coaching sessions. 

The Individual Coach
Each participant receives three 50-minute customized coaching calls. These calls are currently provided by me and my certified Individual Coaches. Both coaches work closely together to maximize each individual coaching call. These calls are held during weeks 4, 8, and 12 of the Program. There are also three separate tools provided to maximize each individual's progress.
Peer Accountability & Strategic Partner Engagement
Participants will be working with their fellow group members to strategize ways to network, give and receive referrals, and stay on track.
The STMATM Dashboard
The STMATM Dashboard is a Strategic Planning tool used as a guiding star to ensure maximum productivity and progress. It allows for accountability to be transparent to both coaches and participant.

Full participation is virtually guaranteed, and this participation all but guarantees results! You have two options for forming a group:

  • Six individuals form a group within a company or firm. They could consist of those at the same level or across a practice area, division, or department. 
  • One individual forms a group of a total of six (6) professionals that are logical strategic partners (for example, a business attorney would find a CPA, banker, financial advisor, insurance provider, attorney in complimentary practice). 
Investment: Inquire. Please contact Joan Richardson at 214-422-3965 or Joan {at} CoachHonoree {dot} com for more information.

Customized Training: 
I’ve written and delivered inspirational, motivational and transformational content on time maximization, organization, networking, and business development to well over 100,000 professionals at all levels, in audiences of 5-2,500, since 1999. My customized training can take place in your offices, via webinars, or conference calls. 

My programs are highly interactive, fun and informative, with immediately applicable tips, tools, strategies and ideas, and range from 90 minutes to a full 7-hour day. 

I would love an opportunity to put my experience to work for you and your company. For more information or a customized proposal, please feel free to send me an email at Honoree {at} HonoreeCorder {dot} com, or contact my assistant Christina Culbertson at Christina {at} HonoreeCorder {dot} com.

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