10 Attitude Boosters Every Professional Can Use

Is Your Attitude Making You More Successful?

If you are experiencing challenges in your personal and work life, you're not alone! Delays, denials, even serious devastation happens to everyone at least once in their life. 

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When you’re on top of the world, it seems as though everything goes right. This can be attributed to “like attracts like.” You may have heard the saying, “The best time to close a deal is when you've just closed a deal.” You've reached a high vibration, or have gotten in a flow state that seemingly makes things happen. The opposite also seems to be true: you lose a client, then another, then another. What you’re focusing on, you’re getting ... positive or negative.

Here is your formula for getting back -- and keeping -- your mojo:

  • Focus on what you want. If you're focusing on what's going wrong, know this: what you're focusing on gets bigger. Create a mini-movie in your mind, a "moving visualization" of what you want to create. By all means, turn off the news. You don't need to see that again, do you?
  • Give yourself time to learn and heal. You do need to "get over it" {whatever it is} or allow enough time, but not an endless amount of time, to heal your wounds. You can actively participate in your process.
  • Ask yourself some better questions. Try these: "What's great about this?" or "What has to happen to make this situation the way that I want it?" For goodness sakes, people, do not ask, "What else can go wrong?" 
  • Get moving! Emotion is created from motion, so get moving. Sitting on the couch with a box of Oreos isn't productive {so I've heard} and will not help a bit.
  • Have faith. Sometimes the only thing you can do is know that you've survived challenging times before and you'll survive this one. The sun will come out tomorrow, and at any moment you can have the breakthrough you're looking for.
  • Remember, “be, do, and have.” You must be positive, and then do the right things to have (get) what you want. To be enthusiastic, you must decide to be enthusiastic and fake it ’til you make it.
  • Shift and the world shifts with you. Decide today is going to be an awesome day. Expect it to be awesome. Sit in a field of positive expectation and wonder what great thing is going to happen next.
  • When something less-than-fantastic happens, you can respond or react. Choose to respond in whatever way is appropriate, and then press the reset button on your attitude.
  • Dedicate yourself daily (hourly, if necessary) to expanding the scope of your positive attitude.
  • Think positive. Read positive. Listen positive. Talk positive. Affirm positive. Watch positive. Practice positive. Make yourself positive. Daily.

How do you keep your attitude positive when the chips seem stacked against you?

To Your Success,
Honorée Corder 

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