How to Get Awesome Customer Service

Be an awesome customer.

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My friend and mastermind partner Scott Ingram recently suggested one of the best tips I've gotten in awhile: tip the front desk person at your hotel $20.

An interesting thought. Well, you tip the valet, the bellman, the wait staff, anyone who brings anything to your door, don't you ... but not the person who determines where you spend your stay?

A lightbulb moment for me, for sure.

So today I tried it: I gave a crisp $20 to the lovely lady who checked me in at a five-star hotel in Los Angeles {along with a smile} ... and as I write this, I'm looking out over the city from my room on the top floor -- yup, the penthouse!

It occurred to me that in order to get amazing customer service, it's probably a great idea to be a great customer. If tipping $20 to everyone you meet isn't an option, {and of course it isn't,} then just bring your best self along for the ride, receive your service with a smile, and I guarantee everyone will enjoy you, their time with you, and the transaction.

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