5 Strategies for Finding Success in the Face of Failure

Face Your Failures and Find Success Instead

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Just when you think the way has cleared for a smooth ride, challenges come up just to keep life and business interesting. How do you find success in the face of setbacks? How do you keep a great attitude and set yourself up to win?

It's quite simple, actually: you follow a simple set of strategies that make all the difference.

Strategy #1: The minute you decide to stay in the game, you're in the top 10%. About 90% of people simply give up, so by re-committing to your desired outcome, you're already way ahead. Review your vision and goals, make a list of the top 3 next-best actions you can take and either do them right now, or pull out your calendar and schedule a time to do them.

Strategy #2: Surround yourself with winners. Your associates determine your success, so choose wisely who you have around you. Find your PLUs {Your "People Like Us -- more about that in here} and schedule regular conversations, meetings and brainstorming sessions with them.

Strategy #3: Make your self-talk superb. Create a personal mantra, like, "I can do this!" or "I am unstoppable!" and use it to keep your mind right. Learn how to craft powerful affirmations, and do the other 5 daily actions that can re-engineer your circumstances and make you an unstoppable success in this book.

Strategy #4: Mistakes are invaluable, so learn from them. Super-achievers know they will either (a) do well in something they undertake or (b) learn some valuable lessons. Most successful people actually "fail their way to success." If you've failed recently or even semi-recently, capture the lessons in writing you've learned so you don't have to repeat them.

Strategy #5: Don't marinate in your failure. A quick recovery is key to upward mobility. The longer you spend feeling sorry for yourself, wallowing or whining, the longer it will take for you to regain your momentum and seize your success. Just like in prize-fighting, you've got exactly ten seconds to get up and if you don't, you've lost the fight. Decide that no matter what knocks you down, it won't keep you down.

When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade or lemon mousse! You decide to be a winner and let the best you shine through.


Never Be Late Again!

4 Ways to Ensure You'll Be On Time From Now Until Forever

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If you've ever been told, "You'll be late for your own funeral," being late might be a chronic problem standing in the way of your success. Arriving "just in time" or a few minutes late means you're out of breath and unnecessarily stressed. 

Being late says "I value my time and myself more than I value you." Even if that's not what you're trying to say. Even if you're a hot disorganized mess and being late has absolutely nothing to do with the person cooling their heels waiting for you.

Would you love to solve the problem of being late, and turn yourself into a person who is on time? Would you like to stop apologizing for being late, and turn into the person who has a few moments to check email or return a call in your car before heading into that meeting? I can assure you that allowing plenty of time to arrive at meetings, networking lunches, and other important events will reduce your stress to almost zero. You're going to love the feeling you have when you sail into your next meeting with ten minutes to spare!

Are you ready for your time makeover? Okay, fabulous ... let's begin!

Fast Results Start Here!

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There is a whole lot of moving going on! New companies, new cities, new opportunities. I'm hearing about about lots of "newness" and getting questions about how to navigate the changes and opportunities. Even if you're not in a job place, job or company, the actions that yield results remain the same.
  • Clarity is power. Develop a clear long-term vision and follow with a short-term vision. Your short term vision is then broken down into 3-5 solid goals. These goals become your daily focus.
  • Develop a solid plan based on your goals. Break down your goals into daily action steps.
  • Get organized. Be ready to capitalize on opportunities when they show up. This means having your office, or mobile office, ready.
  • Get moving! New or not, there are lots of people you don't know who need your product or service. (Hint: They won't come knocking on your office door.) Get out of your office, meet people and ask those people who else you need to know. The more people you meet, the better the chances you have of making those critical early connections that will make all the difference over time.
  • Start here: Make a master list of your current connections. The best connections are people who are Centers of Influence. Ask for their help. Every person you know has more than 2,000 relationships. Ask for referrals of great folks, not just people who could hire you or use your products or services. They can be amazing people who you would be pleased to know for any number of reasons.
  • Then continue here: 1. Business Journal events, 2. Your local Chamber of Commerce, 3. Networking Clubs (Executives Associations, Business Forums, BNI), 4. Civic Organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lion's Club), 5. Your trade association, 6. Your best client's trade association, 7. Cultural events, 8. Charitable or Community Service organizations and volunteering, 9. Private Clubs, 10. Health Clubs, 11. Sporting Events., 12. Hobbies & their events/associations, 13. "Own" a restaurant (or several).
  • Join two organizations: one for community service, the other career enhancement. Use your expertise to contribute to the organization, in other words: get involved. Join at least one committee and be a leader in the organization.
  • Stay focused. Review your goals at least daily and make sure you're making measurable progress towards your goals every day. If (when!) you get off track, re-set, re-focus and get moving!
Your results are up to you, and you can create the results you desire.

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Leaders are Readers. They are well-read and constantly feeding their minds with positive, uplifting and educational information. Spend at least 20 minutes a day feeding your mind -- could be in the morning, or if you really want to be an achiever, do it twice a day.

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