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There is a whole lot of moving going on! New companies, new cities, new opportunities. I'm hearing about about lots of "newness" and getting questions about how to navigate the changes and opportunities. Even if you're not in a job place, job or company, the actions that yield results remain the same.
  • Clarity is power. Develop a clear long-term vision and follow with a short-term vision. Your short term vision is then broken down into 3-5 solid goals. These goals become your daily focus.
  • Develop a solid plan based on your goals. Break down your goals into daily action steps.
  • Get organized. Be ready to capitalize on opportunities when they show up. This means having your office, or mobile office, ready.
  • Get moving! New or not, there are lots of people you don't know who need your product or service. (Hint: They won't come knocking on your office door.) Get out of your office, meet people and ask those people who else you need to know. The more people you meet, the better the chances you have of making those critical early connections that will make all the difference over time.
  • Start here: Make a master list of your current connections. The best connections are people who are Centers of Influence. Ask for their help. Every person you know has more than 2,000 relationships. Ask for referrals of great folks, not just people who could hire you or use your products or services. They can be amazing people who you would be pleased to know for any number of reasons.
  • Then continue here: 1. Business Journal events, 2. Your local Chamber of Commerce, 3. Networking Clubs (Executives Associations, Business Forums, BNI), 4. Civic Organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lion's Club), 5. Your trade association, 6. Your best client's trade association, 7. Cultural events, 8. Charitable or Community Service organizations and volunteering, 9. Private Clubs, 10. Health Clubs, 11. Sporting Events., 12. Hobbies & their events/associations, 13. "Own" a restaurant (or several).
  • Join two organizations: one for community service, the other career enhancement. Use your expertise to contribute to the organization, in other words: get involved. Join at least one committee and be a leader in the organization.
  • Stay focused. Review your goals at least daily and make sure you're making measurable progress towards your goals every day. If (when!) you get off track, re-set, re-focus and get moving!
Your results are up to you, and you can create the results you desire.

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