1%-er Actions for Market Domination

The top 1% most successful business people have specific, intentional actions they take on a regular basis. Most of those actions are simple, straight-forward and the best news is they work. Following are the ones I shared at a recent presentation for Network in Austin

They Have Excellent Attitudes
While I have done several posts on attitude (such as here, here and here), I always begin my presentations with at least a few reminders about how important a great attitude is and how you can get one. Let this be your reminder that your attitude makes all the difference in your life, your career and how successful you are long-term.
They Communicate with Confidence

Top achievers are clear about: what they offer, how much they charge, and why they are the logical choice. They are confident that they are adding value in excess of what their prospective clients are looking for, and they aren't afraid to say it! They don't waffle on their fee, or take what they can get. They're terrific at what they do, they know it and show it. Get clear about what makes you unique, special, and extra-qualified to serve your client. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is actually your Unfair Selling Position! Unfair to your competition, that is.

They Laser in on Their Top Prospects

The top 1% identify their absolutely perfect ideal client. Learn how to do that here. You'll know you're talking to an actual good prospective client when they meet the following 8 criteria:
  1. You like them.
  2. They like you.
  3. You know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that you can help them with your products and services.
  4. They desire what you're selling.
  5. They require what you're selling.
  6. They have pain you can get them out of, or help them avoid.
  7. They have the power to decide to pay you.
  8. They have the cash to pay you.

If any of these criteria are missing, move on. You're sorting through everyone you meet to find those that are ready to engage you now, or to find those that have a high potential of engaging you later. It's a waste of everyone's time when you try to fit someone who doesn't fit, just because you want to make your numbers or are "settling" for who is in front of you.
They Narrow the Gap Between Prospect and Paying Client

The best of the best are committed to staying in the relationship-building (sales) process until ... until their prospects: die, go out of business, send them a cease-and-desist-letter, or hire them. That engagement might takes minutes, months or an entire decade. But when you are absolutely certain someone would benefit greatly from buying what you're selling, you owe it to them to stay in touch. Remember, you're sorting. Someone is engaging someone just you like right this minute -- is it you? Would you like it to be? Then drill down your target market and then target those folks and only those folks.

So, how to stay in touch? Develop a “touch funnel” (or system) for prospects based on: who needs to hear from you, what do they need to hear, and how often do they need to hear it? You can send them a monthly ezine, handwritten note, a book by your favorite author, an article you've written, or about a million other things. The point is to be clever, informative, interesting, consistent, and friendly two to twelve times a year. Until.
They Develop Strategic Alliances to Create a Full Business

Not having strategic partnerships is the kiss of death in business, you must have them if you want to live in the enviable position of having referral business. I did an 8-part series, start with Part I here.

Becoming more successful - even a 1%-er - doesn't have to be complicated or mysterious. Success comes from executing these and other time-tested fundamentals. Make it a point to add them into your daily routine and soon you'll be more successful than you dreamed possible.

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