Who's Your Ideal Client?

I meet new people all the time, and one of the first questions I ask is, "Who is your ideal client?" The response I hear, too many times: "Right now, I'm just taking what I can get, I just need the money, the cash-flow."

I'll get straight to the point: if you get what you settle for, you'll very likely be very unhappy with what you get. 

Your very next activity, before you meet with another person or attend another networking event (or tweet even!) is to create an Ideal Client Profile. This profile is a fully-comprehensive list of the qualities and characteristics of the person or people you want to work with. To go deeper, it's the person, if they were to walk through your door right now, that would light you up like a Christmas tree. It's the person you get the most joy from helping. It's the person you can work with effectively and efficiently, meaning, your time is valuable and you're making good use of it. It's the person you do your best work for and with, and it's the person that provides the most profit for your bottom line. (You can substitute "company" or "people" for the word "person.)

Let's review:
  • least/best amount of time spent
  • most amount of joy
  • best work
  • most profitable
If you're not entirely clear how to define any or all of these points for yourself, it's time to dig deeper and you'll need to define these, too.

You may be so busy you can't see straight (and then it's time for you to get a coach!), so the thought of more work seems out of the question. The question is, how could you possibly not take the time to do it?

Once you've got your list and you're clear about who you're looking for (and darn excited about it, if I do say so myself), then and only then can you resume your marketing activities.

Coach's Note: Once you have your profile, only engage those that fit the profile. You'll get "rich in your niche" ... specialists always make more than generalists. Be clear about who you are, what you do and who you serve -- and remember to have fun with it! From here on, you can build your brand around that profile. You'll be delighted to watch your joy and your bottom line soar.

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