Adversity ---> Success!

If you've ever felt like this:

Or this ...

You have three healthy choices: (1) accept the situation or circumstances, (2) change the situation or circumstances, or (3) eliminate the situation or circumstances.

You have one unhealthy choice: see above.

In coaching I use a technical term: marinating in your bullshit. This is what someone does when they stay stuck in the story (of what's happening "to them"), rather than seeing the situation as it is, then seeing it is as they'd like it to be, and then doing what they need to do to make how they want it to be a a reality.

Life happens. I could recount 5 challenging situations in my life today, some positive for sure, some will be seen as positive at some point. If I let them prevent me from loving on my daughter, being present in my marriage, doing business development, and providing awesome services to my clients, I run the risk of waking up someday with no relationship with my daughter, no marriage and no businesses. Not an option.

The same goes with you and the challenges you may be facing right now. Note: if you don't currently have a challenge, fear not, one will pop up soon just to keep life interesting. You can face your challenges head-on, or you can hide and wait for the storm to pass. If you don't take control, the storm could do far more damage than if you do. It's harder to make up for lost time, lost revenue, lost opportunities than it is to just seize them in spite of what's going on around you. Bonus: having success in the midst of your storms makes the storms more palatable.

Decide right now if you're going to let any challenge get the best of you, or if you're going to use the best of you to defeat and overcome the challenge. I've found that waiting to get really upset and continuing to focus on what I can control is what works best for me. Do yourself service and keep walking, keep moving, keep smiling and someday you'll look back and be pretty damn proud of how your handled yourself!

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