Why Your Positive Attitude is Working Against You


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You've heard it time and time again: have a positive mental attitude. No-one, and I mean no-one wants to hear your tales of woe. Right? Maybe.

I bet you've had a full gallon of the Kool-aid, and you practice positive self-talk, keep your problems to yourself, dress for success, and forge ahead like your stuff is nobody's business.

"One of These Days ..."


Honoree's Note: I've known and admired Ron Martin, one of my mentors, for over a decade. We met while I was living in Hawaii. Ron is one of those people who lives an authentic, no-holds-barred, making-it-happen kind of life. If you've ever said to yourself, "I'm going to do it 'one of these days' this post is a must-read for you!

***After you read this post, be sure to visit me at my new                                        home here.***

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon out at my beach house in Haleiwa, Hawaii. I was sitting on the lanai “talking story” with my client, the famed artist, Wyland. He said, “So Ron, when are you going to write a book?” My response was, “One of these days.” Wyland said, “Have you ever opened up your day timer and at the top saw the words, ‘One of these days?’” I thought, “WOW that’s heavy.” He then said, “How about right now?” Hoping to end this conversation I said, “I wouldn’t know where to start.” Wyland said, “Stand up,” which I did. He then took the chair and table from where we were sitting and dragged them out on to the lawn by the ocean. He went into my closet, picked out a hat and shirt and said, “Put these on, and sit there.” He then set up the table and went out to his car returning with his camera. He took this picture and said, "Okay, you have the cover, I am going to go home and write the foreword. All you have to do is start on chapter one." Wow, how do you get out of that?

Vision to Reality: How Short Term Massive Action Equals Long Term Maximum Results {Excerpt}

"Honorée isn't just a great coach, she's a winning coach. Vision to Reality defines her strategy, gives you a game plan, and shows you the yellow brick road to success. All you have to do is follow it." ~Jeffrey Gitomer, author of TheLittle Red Book of Selling