Productivity, 10 - Stress, 0

Have you ever noticed that the day before vacation is a day when your productivity is off the charts? Why aren't all of your work days that productive? I believe it comes down to three fundamental practices, that when observed daily, productivity will skyrocket. (Hint: productivity = $$). By skyrocket, I mean 300-500%.

You may also have noticed that the day before vacation, when you're getting everything done, you're stressed to maximum capacity. Most likely because you've procrastinated, but that's a discussion we'll have another time. *smile*

Fundamental Practice Action #1: Identify your highest revenue producing activities, then rank them in order of importance and urgency. Fundamental Practice Action #2: Schedule them on your calendar, preferably before you leave the office today for tomorrow. Fundamental Practice Action #3: Do them, while ignoring everything else* until your list is complete.

You won't feel the stress because you're prepared and intentional. You will feel intentional and quite proud of yourself as you make more progress in less time. You don't need to surf, text your BFF for the "latest", or engage in water-cooler conversation. You just don't - not if you want to work less and make more money.

What about emergencies? Don't worry, if there's a true emergency*, you can run but you can't hide. You'll be found and filled in on what's happening and your part in the solution.

Go forth and produce!

*save blood or fire

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