Five Ways to Add Some Fun to Your Workday

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No matter where you work, you probably suffer from time to time through days that seem as if they're never going to end. Since you spend a large majority of your life at work, it's important to enjoy the process! You can lighten your spirits by adding an element of fun to your workday. Here are some ideas:
  • Work in a perk. When you plan your day, include one item that you can look forward to: lunch with your best friend, your favorite candy bar at the afternoon break, or a brisk, refreshing walk at noon.
  • Breathe. Several times during the day, pause for three slow, deep, relaxing breaths. This helps clear your mind and calm your thoughts. Throw in a few good stretches for good measure.
  • Keep stress relievers on hand. During a break, perform a fun activity that will let you rest the serious, logical part of your brain. A computer puzzle, or a quick game of "shooting hoops" in your wastebasket using a wadded-up sheet of scrap paper can rejuvenate your energy level. You might even want to keep your favorite joke book on hand for super-stressful times.
  • Celebrate small victories. Throw a five-minute party with a treat from home, or quickly write out a thank you note for a coworker. Both you and your colleague will get a much-needed lift.
  • Review your successes at the end of the day. Think about what you did well. Dwelling on your mistakes and failures will magnify their importance unfairly. 
 Remember, the most important thing your job provides is time to have magic moments with your friends and family, and pursue hobbies and other things you love to do. Enjoy your time at work, as much as you can. Then, enjoy your success and the money you make every chance you get!

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