The Core Four Business Development Activities You MUST Do

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You can spend your time at work many ways, but the million dollar question is: “What are the activities that make the difference?”

As part of your Six Daily Actions, sandwiched between Action 1: You and your personal development, and Action 6: family time, I believe there are "The Core Four" business activities that make a measurable difference to your efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and bottom line, Actions 2-5: business development, work product, keep current clients happy, and administrative tasks.

Business Development. If no product or service is sold, no-one is paid. Period. Each day needs to include focus on rainmaking, a.k.a business development. This includes marketing events, networking, pitches, presentations, meetings, coffees and lunches.

Work Product. Work you can bill for, or filling out an order form is your work product. Each and every day there needs to be money-in-motion – work or product going out of your business, and money coming in the door in exchange for it.

Keep Current Clients Happy. Taking great care of your current clients ensures two things: they will stay your client, and they will bring you new clients. Neglect your clients, and they will leave and be your marketing department, and not in a good way. It does you no good to focus on business development and bring new business in the front door, only to have the same amount of business going out the back door.

Administrative Tasks. Bookkeeping, record-keeping, expense reports, inputting receipts, creating invoices … these are the pesky tasks that need to be done. Get ‘em done.

Schedule “Brain Surgery Time” to ensure each of these four critical focus areas get your attention each day, and in the not-too-distant future, your bottom line will soar, and you will feel great about what you accomplish each day.

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