Relationship Building Requires Constant Contact

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Relationship building and networking does not end with the contract being signed or a handshake. The key to success with current and future clients is following up. The saying is true, "The gold is in the follow-up!"

Here are three ways to stay in touch and be remembered long after the initial encounter is over:

Send a handwritten note. The day after you meet a potential client, write them a note stating how much you enjoyed meeting him. Invite him to meet you for a breakfast or lunch so you can get to know each other better. When friendships form, business opportunities eventually develop. With your current clients, stay in touch with a note to say “hello,” “thanks for your recent business” or in my case, “Way to go!”

Send an inexpensive gift card. Most people love books or coffee. Send that potential client a gift card from Starbucks or a local book store. If you send Starbucks gift card, write a note that reads, “Thanks a “latte” for your time yesterday. I look forward to seeing you soon.” Don't like that? Come up with your own creative, memorable message.

Send an article, book, or post of interest. During your conversation with a current or potential client, listen for clues about what interests her. For example, if she casually mentions that she is going to Italy for vacation or she enjoys a particular hobby such as mountain biking, scan newspapers, magazines or the Internet for interesting articles pertaining to her interest. Sending a handwritten note with the article enclosed is another way of putting your name in front of them. Besides, she may even respond to your gesture with a personal phone call or e-mail.

It's important to "touch" your prospects and clients on an on-going basis outside of the times where you're performing what you're being paid to do. Reach out because you care, and because you can. So few people do it, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what happens to your business and your bottom line.

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