Make Every Call Count Part 1

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In this series, I share tips for making every call you make count. You can't not make calls, and your excuses aren't cutting it because they simply aren't adding cash to your bottom line. 

There is one thing that stands out as an important differentiating factor between those who have average success and those who consistently soar. It is not enough to go on appointments, send out fancy packets, and pass your card around. You have to be willing to become masterful at using the phone. 

Use these 17 "quick tips" for making every call count, and you will be more masterful the next time you dial. Here are the first 5:

Put Yourself in a Peak State! Do not simply locate the number and begin to dial. Visualize the person picking up the phone, saying how glad he or she is to hear from you. Expect the call to be excellent!

Pre-plan What You Will Talk About. Get clarity on the result you want before each call. You do not need to script every word you want to say. If you do, you will sound like those telemarketers who call you during dinner. Instead, jot down key words that remind you of the points you want to make. Keep your desired outcome in mind.

Smile! Some phone experts suggest putting a mirror in front of you so you can see yourself smiling. If you are listening to someone on the phone, you can always tell if the person is smiling. By smiling, you will sound different, better and more inviting.

Stand up! You keep you energy level high when you’re standing tall versus sitting (hunched-over even!). Use a headset so you can move around, keep the blood flowing … your caller will feel your great energy and respond to it positively.

Ask for the Agreement to Talk. Use these phrases: “Is this a good time?” or “Do you have a few moments to talk?” Most people (including me) hate to be called by someone who starts their spiel as soon as the phone is picked up. If you talk for two minutes straight before giving the other party a moment to jump in and say they need to talk another time, you might just kill the deal. Once you reach your party, state your name, why you are calling, and ask if the person has a minute to talk. If the person says no, ask when a good time to call back would be. Make sure you call back at that time. If you do, the person will gladly give you his or her attention.

The telephone is a powerful communication device that can save you time, money and effort, and make you more money faster. Integrate these tips and check back soon for the next in the series.

“I have implemented a couple of the ideas already and feel more centered and capable of getting things done.” ~Andrea Waltz, author, Go for No! Read the entire review here. Buy this book here.

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