What's Your Expectation?

Update: In just 5 months, we'll be opening that 5th year bottle of wine. It's nice to know we already have something with which to celebrate!

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I recently got married and one of my clients sent us a very cool gift - a bottle of champagne to open on our first anniversary, a bottle of wine to open on our fifth anniversary and a bottle of port to open on our 10th anniversary. What I found most wonderful about the gift was the expectation -- that in ten years we would be opening that bottle of port and celebrating a decade together. (If you'd like to know the company he used, ask and ye shall receive.)

It reminded me that what we expect to get is very often what we get - whether it's positive (the client, the deal or the return phone call) or not so much (a bigger electric bill than you ever thought possible, another 'no' when you make the ask, etc.).

This is a very quick reminder to be mindful of your expectations. Expect the best, expect great things ... and great things will indeed happen.

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