Spring Break "Hangover"

Welcome back from Spring Break. You probably enjoyed time away from the daily grind of emails, phone calls, appointments, contracts, meetings, and more meetings. You most likely have “vacation hang-over” which can lead to a slow start, sluggish activity, and a lack of enthusiasm.

Here’s how you can jump-start the momentum you enjoyed before your break:

Schedule every minute of your day. Before you enter the office, schedule time for each your The Core Four business activities: business development, work product, keeping current clients happy and administrative tasks. With a "to do" list full of purpose, you will know what needs to be done and what gets scheduled, gets done.

Schedule every minute of your week. Schedule the activities every day of your first week back that make all the difference: 
  • Review your prospective client list and set some appointments. The best time to close a sale is when you just closed a sale, so go close a sale. 
  • Schedule time to knock out some work product. Doing work you can bill for always feels great. 
  • Call a few clients who don’t expect to hear from you, just to say hello. This will do great things for your relationship. 
  • Turn in expense reports, enter your billing, and clean out your inbox. One of my clients calls this the “crip, crap, crud” and I agree … but it still needs to be done. Schedule it and get it done.

Schedule your next break. The light at the end of the tunnel needs to be something you’re looking forward to, not feel like an on-coming train. Plan your next three-day weekend, or three-week African safari. Give yourself something to look forward to, and the work you do to get there will make the time fly by.

Breaks and vacations can be a double-edged sword: they allow you to rest and recharge, and yet time away can increase stress when done without proper planning and execution. Put intention back in your days and you’ll step forward into your successful future with ease.

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