Top 10 Tuesday: MORE Honorée's Top 10 Business Books

My Favorite Business Books,  continued ...

Leaders are Readers. They are well-read and constantly feeding their minds with positive, uplifting and educational information. Spend at least 20 minutes a day feeding your mind -- could be in the morning, or if you really want to be an achiever, do it twice a day.

If you enjoyed my first 10 suggestions, here are 10 more amazing books to catapult you into the stratosphere:

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"I've written less than 20 Amazon book reviews, because I only do so for books that are GAME-CHANGERS. "Vision To Reality" is one of those rare books, because Honoree Corder is one of those rare individuals. I've followed her work, and she has an extraordinary track record of consistently producing BIG results while helping her clients turn their visions into their realities. It's your turn, and you're only seconds away from experience the life-changing guidance of Honoree. In fact, I can't think of a single good reason for you to not buy this book. So, I invite you to discover how you can begin to turn your vision for your life into the extraordinary reality you get to wake up to everyday." ~ Hal Elrod, author of the best-selling The Miracle Morning

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