The Great Rainmaker Bootcamp Giveaway

This month's "create-a-better-business" giveaway is a complimentary seat at my next Rainmaker Bootcamp for attorneys. It's just what your numbers* need and its just for you.

To enter the contest, leave a comment with your #1 goal for 2008. I will pick the winner Monday, December 3rd, at 9PM PST. Entries accepted until Monday at 8PM PST.

Check my entry (below) about the Bootcamp to find out what the Grads have to say and for the inspiration (information) you need to stop what you're doing right now and enter the contest!

Bootcamp Grads have a clear plan for creating just what they want out of their practices and their life. Perfect for the attorney who is ready to create their ideal practice -- and life. This Bootcamp seat also comes with a complimentary month of coaching with yours truly - just what you'll need to make sure your big plans become your big reality!

Be sure to bookmark this site for next month's giveaway. Good luck!

*originations, referrals, billings and bank account


irishqt said...

Honoree great blog! My goal for 2008 is to double my income and to be debt free. I think the Rainmaker Bootcamp would be a great opportunity for me to accompolish my goals. Shalene

Michael said...

What an excellent idea to restate our goals on the net! My goal for 2008 is finish the first book in my 3-book series, "The Balance Factor", while maintaining my own personal balance living in India. I would love to attend bootcamp, Honoree, but I'll let someone in closer proximity take my seat this time around. Thanks! Michael

netandtim said...

The #1 goal for 2008 is to be free from all personal debt. Attending Rainmaker Bootcamp would be a great start for the New Year!