Networking Know-How #2: Pre-Event Preparation

The one crucial must-have for any networking event is business cards. In fact, its a great idea to have at least a dozen cards on you at any time.

Always keep them in a case until you’re ready to use them - making your case a conversation piece is even better. You want to avoid giving out a card that's bent, unclean or (horror!) has been written on. Visit the Executive Gift Shop for a nice assortment of cases. A nice business card case makes a lovely gift as well, especially for someone who has just joined a new company or been promoted.

At any event or in any situation, put your cards in one pocket and the cards you receive in another. You will avoid "card confusion" and the appearance of being disorganized and unprofessional.

If you don't have your business card, especially when someone asks for it, it simply lowers your credibility in the eyes of the person asking. Because I'm a giver, here's what you say when you're fresh out: "I've been more popular today than I anticipated. May I have your card and I will send you one of mine?" You will save face (mostly) and have the opportunity to impress your new contact with a follow-up note (handwritten, of course).

Super-Saver-Strategy: Put an extra box of cards in your car, just in case. I have a box in my home office, at my office and in my car. That way, when I run out, I have a few ways to replenish.

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