A Theme for Your Year

I've had a blast today receiving all of the birthday well-wishes (thank you!!). As I do every year, I reflect on the past year ... what went great, and what didn't so much. And, as I do every year, I give myself a theme. This past year it was, "Go big or go home." In the coming year, my theme is "Make the biggest difference."

This blog is meant to make the biggest difference I can possibly make to you, my reader. Here are the questions I am asking myself today. I encourage and challenge you to answer the questions for yourself, and make any necessary adjustments.
  • How do I want to live my life, every day? What is truly important to me and how does my life reflect it? Who do I need to spend more time with, including scheduling alone time for myself ... and what are the activities I want to do?
  • If this were my last day, what would I do (and are they things I could do even if it wasn't my last day)?
  • Does my business support my dream life or is my life at the mercy of my business? What do I want and what adjustments do I need to make?
  • Who do I need to have on (or eliminate from) my team?
  • What is my plan and what are the action steps I need to take? Hint: take the first step immediately after making this list!
To get the juices flowing, here's one of mine: I want to make the biggest difference to my daughter. She will be 9 shortly, and that means its half over! That realization was one of the catalysts for cutting back on my hours so I can do homework with her every day after school. I will have plenty of time to work when she's in college ...

You really can design a your life just the way you want it. It may take some time, but with commitment, intention, support and flexibility it can be done! Of course, if you need support, I'm only a call or email away. Here's to a great year for you, this year and always.

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