Networking Know-How #3: The Early Bird Gets the Sterling Reputation

Some of my best and most powerful conversations have happened at events where I arrived prior to the start time. The folks who are in the know that you need to know (i.e., the staff, speaker and hosts) get there well ahead of time - and you'll have an opportunity to make or re-make their acquaintance when you arrive in the window of time called "after the details are handled - before the people arrive."

As my southern husband would say, here's what you need to know to "get yourself situated:"
  • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early. You'll have the chance to catch your breath, bring down your heart rate, visit the loo, and grab a drink. You'll probably get a smokin' hot parking spot, too.
  • Speak to the host. Find out who is on the guest list, and ask if there's anyone you should meet.
  • Put your name tag on your left side. Paper name tags won't wrinkle and will be visible when you shake someone's hand.
  • Silence your cell phone. Vibrate is fine if you must stay connected (I'm a mom, I get it), and you want to avoid being rude. Excuse yourself before you check to see who's calling.
  • Smile (with teeth). Breathe. Have fun! The next person you meet could be just the person who changes the trajectory of your business forever.
Excerpted from Work the Room, my popular seminar for companies and organizations who want the networking edge in business. Is someone on your staff among the 95% of people who say they are shy and avoid networking at all costs? This seminar will change the way you and your staff feel about networking - and network in the future - in just 90 minutes. Email me for more information: honoree{at}coachhonoree{dot}com.

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