Will You Become the Next Millionaire?

Someone reminded me this morning that more millionaires are made during tough economic times than in more prosperous times. How much of what you think, say or do goes into your becoming a millionaire? No, this is not a trick question ... its literally 100% up to you. But, Honoree, you say, how? How can I stack the deck in my favor and get that particular fantastic result, when all I'm hearing is that soon I will be living in my car? There are three crucial mental steps that will precede your success:
  • Choice. Choose to be successful, as you define success. Your choices ultimately decide your results. If you choose to listen to and believe the news, the naysayers and doom predictors, then you should then continue to worry about your future because honestly it just won't be that great. Choice produces results - and my choice is to not participate in any recession or depression. What's your choice?
  • Intention. The formula for results is 100% intention, 0% mechanism. Once you intend something to happen, it will. Make the choice to intend what you want to have happen. The positive results will astound you! I am intending new clients, new business, new projects and new opportunities. What's your intention?
  • Commitment. What are you committed to? I've said it before: 99% commitment sucks, 100% commitment ROCKS. Commit to your plan, your goals, your choices 100% (or more). I am committed to MSH (making sh*t happen), executing my plan and reaching my goals. What's your commitment?
There are several more important predictors for your success: how you manage your time (be ruthlessly discriminating about how you "spend" it), who has your ear (listen to people who are predicting great things, and take a news vacation), and your support team (have a coach, mentor and several other folks who think you're just fabulous to call in moments you need a boost of energy, enthusiasm, accountability, tips and strategies).

Its up to you. You can do it. Go for it!

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