Play2Pay: How to Market Your Student-Athlete for Scholarship Money

New guide for Student Athletes to help them find the right school, pay the right price, and let the student play instead of pay the full retail price for a college education.
The power team of Beth Walker, Founder of College Funding Coaches, and Honoree Corder, Personal Transformation Expert, have created a guide designed for families who want to send their students to college without going broke, Play2Pay: How to Market Your Student-Athlete for Scholarship Money.

"Parents who view partial athletic scholarship money as part of their overall funding strategy for their student athlete's education don't always know how to make that happen," said Beth Walker, "The athletes who most likely aren't going to get a full ride still have a lot of opportunities, but they have to market themselves strategically in order to get those dollars."

Play2Pay is a how-to guide for college-bound athletes who desire an education that is partially paid for by participating in athletics and that is, in fact, their Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Gold Medal, Wimbledon, or World Cup. The real pay off being a fabulous education at a fraction of the price, with the bonus by-product being they get to participate in a sport they love at the collegiate level.

"Your son or daughter can play instead of pay for their college education, but the odds are this is one piece of the funding puzzle, not the entire solution for the challenges you face in paying for today’s increasingly expensive college education," says Beth, "and, this is a marketing challenge above all else."

The statistics are grim: 61.6% of undergraduate students borrowed money for funding their education in the form of student loans and their average cumulative debt amounted to $17,878; 13.5% of parents borrowed to fund their children’s education, amassing an average PLUS loan debt of $23,298. With a plan to get money up front, student athletes and their parents can borrow less money and therefore not have that debt (and the interest that goes with it) after college.

"Parents and their student-athletes must think strategically and act intentionally with regard to their college education," Honoree Corder shares, "If they don't, the cost may be devastating. A solid marketing plan dramatically increases the student-athlete's chances of securing available monies, and also provides skills they will need later in life to market their professional skills."

Play2Pay is a step-by-step guide that includes templates for marketing to coaches, including sample cover letters, a resume, email campaign, talking points and much more! It's available in multi-digital format through Smashwords at, and on your Kindle ....

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