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When coaching my clients to grow their businesses, I am listening for where they are struggling and/or doing something the hard way. Asking a few simple questions can result in profit acceleration and time savings almost instantly. Today's post is to get you thinking and evaluating what you're doing, not doing or not yet thinking of doing. Once you've got clarity, you can create your plan.

Question 1: What is not working?

Are your marketing methods working as well as they used to? What worked three years ago or last year, may not be the right answer for you today. Your business has probably changed, as has the marketplace.
  • List 3 things that are not working.
  • List 3 things that are working.

Question 2: Where have 80% of your new and favorite clients come from in the last six months?

These are the clients you love to work with, who pay on time, who are excited to work with your firm, and who are glad to refer you to others they think you can serve.
  • What did you do to get those clients?
  • Why do you like them so much?
  • Was it by referral (my favorite), direct mail, publicity, a presentation?
  • List 3 things that are working you know you need to be doing more.
Whatever has worked well, do more of it!

Maybe you are executing what you believe will work, and yet you are finding that this proven strategy is not currently working for you. If you are not getting your expected results, evaluate every step in the process. Maybe you are not qualifying your prospects; maybe you need to evaluate what you are saying on the phone, and see how you can improve it. Maybe you are not being as consistent as you think in your actions, and some deliberate tracking of exactly how many contacts you are indeed making is necessary.
  • What should be working, but is not, that needs to be redesigned?
  • Evaluate why your efforts are not working, i.e., are you truly doing them consistently or did you half-heartedly attempt execution, then they didn't work fast enough, and so your energy and enthusiasm has waned? Then it might be time to execute consistently for a period of time (90-100+ days) to see if they truly works for you.
  • List 3-5 things you would like to revisit, redesign and begin to execute immediately.
  • Then, determine your next most-important action steps.
You now have clarity and know what to do next ... a plan is only as good as the person who is actually working it. So get to workin' it!

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