Magnetize New Business, Part Four

Time to wrap up this 4-part series which I've written to help you stop the struggle and increase your effectiveness, efficiency and ultimately, your results. And, because tomorrow is my birthday AND I'm a giver, I've got a free gift for you, too! And in return, I request that you do something for me {like I said, it's my birthday} ... First, though, let me give first and share with you Keys 7 and 8:

Key #7: Double Your Self-Confidence. I've said this a few different ways throughout this series: Happy people ... Attractive people ... Ultimately, magnetism and attractiveness comes down to how much you like yourself. The more you like yourself, dare I say love yourself {and I do}, the more others will like you, too. I'm not talking conceit or arrogance. I believe those two characteristics are symptomatic of an insecure person. In fact, when I see someone throw a fit or become incredibly irritated, those to me are indicators that person isn't happy with themselves. I recently said to my friend, Hal Elrod, "I really want you to be happy." His response was incredibly telling, "I'm always happy." That is my experience of him, and his words were true. He really is always happy. He's happy because he has done the work to keep his self-confidence and self-esteem high, and it is apparent to all those who come into contact with him. Your ability to be happy in the face of unhappy and challenging circumstances is in direct proportion to your self-confidence. The more you work on yourself, the happier and more magnetic you will be. The work is free, the results are priceless. Worth it? I'd say so! I've done a fair amount of work in this area myself, and it all started with this book {which I highly recommend you read, re-read, and re-read until you've met your maker}. The Self-Confidence Formula from the book is one place I'm directing you, because it will work like a charm ... and so will you!

Key #8: Be authentic. It is counterintuitive to be authentic with others, and yet, when we open ourselves up and show our deepest desires and fears to others, we become more human. In fact, the more authentic you are ... the more comfortable you are in your own skin and show it, the enticing you will be to others. We're taught to keep our troubles and our big goals to ourselves, and I'm in no way suggesting you go completely open kimono and tell everyone all of your problems or your goals {there's a time and a place ... let common sense be your guide}, but it's okay now and then to say, "I'm having a rough time" and in the right space and time, with the right person, you will endear yourself to them in a way like no other. On the flip side, sharing what you're most excited about: such as a big win or a BHAG {you'll find more about those in here} you're working on, will cause the person you're talking to to also get excited! Ultimately, you're looking to connect in the best way possible. I will leave you with this thought: 

You can't do the wrong thing with the right person; and you can't do the right thing with the wrong person. {Tweet this!

So, be authentically yourself and the right people will think you're the fa-shizzle.
Whew! What a series! By now you should should be feeling amazing, attracting new business and growing more prosperous and profitable by the way. Good for you! I'm delighted to think it's true, and would be ever happier to hear about your results... Send me an email and let me know how this series has helped you: Honoree {at} coachhonoree {dot} com.
Now for your free gift: If you haven't read my first book, Tall Order!, you can download a *free* copy in any digital format you choose by going to, searching for the book, and using Coupon Code FW55Q to receive it with my compliments. Enjoy! {P.S. When you love it, will you kindly leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads? Thanks!}

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