T is for Time Maximization

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Time management is a lie. You don't manage your time. You either maximize the time you have, or you don't. Meaning, you either intend the outcomes and decide how your day goes, or the day gets away from you. 

Your day, every day, can feel like you left it all on the floor and got everything done you wanted to, and here's how:

1. Define the most important areas of focus. There are probably three to five, such as: rainmaking, keeping current clients thrilled, staff development, recruiting, executing work product, social media, writing, etc.

2. Define how much time you'll devote to each area, each day. You've got 8-9 (-12) work hours in a day, how are you going to "spend" those hours? Once they're gone, they're gone! If you're a writer, how many hours a day must you write? A tax preparer? You can do double-duty of work-product execution and keeping current clients thrilled by putting your head down and getting that work done. I would add, "on time and under budget" ... and that's another discussion. Spend your work hours as you would spend your dollars - with intention and thoughtfully.

3. Now that you've pre-determined you need to do "X" for "three" hours a day, calendar that as if it were a meeting with your top client. You wouldn't let distractions or interruptions come between you and your top client, would you? Well guess what, ultimately you are your top client!

4. Communicate these blocks of time with your staff and co-workers. You'll definitely have to train those who have desired (and gotten) instant gratification from you in the past. Unavailable right now doesn't mean you won't be available in a short time, it just means you're better at getting things done when you're focused and uninterrupted, so that's what you're doing.

You can use my favorite phrase "I'm on deadline." Throw it around, because people understand it and they respond to it by literally running the other direction or hanging up the phone. The truth is, if you have goals, you're on deadline. It just might not be a looming, hard-stop deadline (in your mind), so you aren't thinking about it non-stop. That, too, is another discussion. Simply said, you are on a deadline to complete your most important professional functions every single day. You will easily achieve your goals when you honor that fact.

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