Beliefs --> Behaviors --> Results

The good news is: your results are based upon your beliefs. The bad news is: your results are based on your beliefs. The results you're getting in your life are a direct result of the deeply-held beliefs that control your behaviors and actions, and therefore your results.

These beliefs can relate to something simple, like my old belief of “I don’t cook, sew, decorate, etc. because I was never taught to do these things.” I decided I didn't like the outcomes (or lack thereof), so I changed that belief to: “If I can read and follow directions, I can do anything.” Once I adopted that new belief, guess what happened? I started doing all of the things I previously said I couldn't do. Was I perfect at first? Heck no! Did I make it a point to laugh at my lack of competence? Absolutely! Over time, I've gotten better and it's increased my self-esteem in the areas of trying new things.

Your beliefs can be about something more complex or complicated, like today's current economic conditions. Try adopting this belief: "I live in abundance. I choose to participate in a rockin' positive economy." Believe me when I say: the choice is truly yours.

Change your belief, change your story, and your self-esteem and belief in yourself will rise - and your results will change, for the better. This I know for sure.

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