How to Get Everything You Really Want

If you don't have everything you really want, there might just be one critical thing missing in your box of tricks: asking. We've all heard "Ask and ye shall receive." The challenge is, as kids, we're told "No, and stop asking." What may have happened is that you've been conditioned to (a) ask internally (as in, "I hope they just ask me for my product/service without me having to ask.") or (b) ask once and wait. Neither of these really works, and it certainly won't get you what you want.

The truth is: You Must A-S-K to G-E-T. Here are five keys to successful asking:

1. Ask specifically. Be precise. Tell who, what, where, when and if necessary, why. This will require you to be clear about what you want prior to embarking on your quest.

2. Ask someone who can help you, hire you, give you the yes. Pre-qualify who you're asking to make sure you're not engaging in an exercise in futility. Find the person with the authority and the money.

3. Ask from a place of adding value. Create a win-win situation. If you're always just asking, you'll be considered a taker. The most successful people are givers and give first whenever possible. What can you possibly do for the person you're asking that will make the yes you're getting seem like the most logical thing for them to do?

4. Ask with congruent belief that you'll get the yes. Lack of belief sounds like, 'You don't really want to help me, do you?' Your belief can not only affect whether or not they say yes, it can affect their subsequent actions.

5. Ask until. God's delays are not God's denials. Ask again. Ask another person. Keep asking until you get what you want. Become a kid again. My sweet Lexi, without question, is a master (at age 10) of this key. If only we, as adults, were as committed to getting the yes as our children!

Go for it! The amazing results you're after are yours to get.

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