Six Daily Actions

I got almost everything done today I wanted to. I definitely got all of the important, must-do tasks checked off. I have a set list of priority items I work on daily (workout, read, write, marketing, coach, family time) that take me toward my goals. These are my six daily actions, and I've been using and teaching this practice for many years. This list is my touchstone - it keeps me focused and on track.

Once identified, the first step is to ask yourself, “What are my top three goals?" Next, based on those goals, "What are the most important action items I must commit to in order to achieve my goals?" It's important to immediately calendar those six daily action items. Suddenly your list of activities will have a much greater impact on moving your business/practice forward. It also helps eliminate the questions around where future work is coming from.

Coach's Note: Schedule 60-80 percent of your workday on your six daily actions. Notice I didn’t say you would work only 60-80% of your day, I said schedule 60-80% of your day. This will allow for you to have the flexibility to address client or staff challenges, work on projects, and you can effectively go after opportunities as they occur. By not scheduling every minute of the day, when something pops up you’ll have the time to address it without rearranging your schedule, and everyone else’s schedule, to deal with it.

Once you've identified your Six Daily Actions, print them out and place them where you can see them all the time.

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